How To Elope: 5 Top Tips For An Incredible Intimate Wedding Away

Elopements are perfect for couples that want a simple, straightforward marriage. Eloping is still just as special, but it involves less people, and less faff. You can elope anywhere in the world, which makes your wedding experience all the more unique. Eloping abroad, either just as the two of you or with a select few loved ones as guests, means that you can combine your marriage with an incredible honeymoon and travel experience.

Despite having to organise for less guests, elopements still need a bit of planning. So here are 5 pieces of very useful advice on how to elope, complete with some useful inspiration and recommendations of companies around the world that can make the process even easier…

Credits: Elianos Photography

1. Do Organise A Post-Elopement Party

If eloping allows couples to better enjoy the moment because they don’t have to stress focusing on their guests, often this new wedding trend, is not so appreciated by parents and relatives, who may feel cut off from such an important event. By organising “a post elopement” party upon your return, as suggested by The Italian Wedding Tailor, you can relive all the emotions of the day with your family and friends. It doesn’t matter how big or fancy the party is, your family and friends will appreciate that you thought about having a celebration with them! The “post elopement party” should be organised reflecting your style and personality, recalling details of your wedding day.

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Credits: The Italian Wedding Tailor
Credits: Lina and Tom Photography

2. Do Splash Out On A High-End Hotel

Wherever you choose to elope in the world, choose a luxury hotel in which to spend your wedding night. Since an elopement takes the focus away from the big party or the many guests, it becomes a lovely day spent intimately as a couple. You will save money on a big wedding, so why not splash out on the hotel? Choose one in an incredible location with amazing views, and you’ll never want your elopement experience to end – perhaps somewhere such as the Shangri-La in Paris…?

Credits: Sangri-La Hotel, Paris.
Credits: Sangri-La Hotel, Paris.

For venue decoration and an elopement closer to home, check out Maunsel House in Frome, Somerset. One of the most austere and beautiful venues in all of the United Kingdom, this manor house is lavish, luxurious, and best of all completely secluded. Somerset has frequently been labelled the most attractive county in Britain, so spend a little extra and enjoy your wedding night in absolute comfort. 

Credits: Maunsel House

3. Book A Local Photographer

Normally on a wedding day you have lots of people around you taking pictures, but with an elopement they won’t be there! Therefore, choosing a photographer who is both happy to travel, and will take gorgeous photos to quell the pain of your elopement for your family is essential. In this case, we would wholeheartedly recommend to you Winston Sanders. He captured Ben and Helena’s idyllic elopement in Iceland, if you want to take a further look at his talent for capturing the intimacy of an elopement ceremony.

Credits: Winston Sanders Photography
Credits: Winston Sanders Photography

For a photographer who operates specifically in Italy, you’ll be in good hands with Max D’Alessandro of Scatti Spontanei. Max has mastered the art of being a discreet wedding photographer, especially during the vow ceremony. ‘I position myself in hidden places, which allows me to have the same point of view as the guests,’  he says, as the focus of his lens is similar to that of the human eye. You’ll therefore be able to have beautiful wedding photos of your elopement that are more spontaneous than posed.

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Credits: Scatti Spontanei, Max D’Alessandro

4. Don’t Stress The Small Stuff!

Your elopement should, first and foremost, be the best day of your life. So don’t stress and enjoy the day. If something goes wrong, whether big and small, don’t lose focus of the fact that you are marrying the one you love, and so nothing else matters.

If you’re looking to have a stress-free wedding anywhere in the world, then check out Matthew Oliver Weddings based in Bradford-on-Avon. With years experience in organising weddings in all corners of the globe, from Bath to Bali, you can put your trust in these experts.

Credits: Matthew Oliver Weddings
Credits: Matthew Oliver Weddings

5. Don’t Forget The Legal Requirements

Once you have decided where and how to elope, don’t forget to check all the legal requirements needed. As a lot of couples organise their elopement abroad, it is very important to check immediately with the country’s embassy the legal details for non residents to be married there, in order to have enough time to get the required paperwork. You can’t risk to be obliged to postpone your wedding because of the lack of a document…

Photo via Shutterstock
Photo via Shutterstock

With these 5 top tips, along with our recommendations of top international wedding planners and photographers, what are you waiting for? Get hitched in the most simple and personal way possible, by eloping in a beautiful destination of your choice.

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