How To Choose The Flowers For Your Wedding In 5 Simple Steps

Flowers are a fundamental part of any event, especially a wedding. Choosing plants, flowers, trees, pots, arrangements, centrepieces and anything both natural, fresh and decorative is often an essential for brides and wedding planners in the lead up to the big day

How To Choose The Flowers For Your Wedding In 5 Simple Steps
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Flowers are a fundamental part of any event, especially a wedding. Choosing plants, flowers, trees, pots, arrangements, centrepieces and anything both natural, fresh and decorative is often an essential for brides and wedding planners in the lead up to the big day. So here’s 5 simple steps to choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding.

1. Think about the season


Spring and summer weddings are completely different to autumn and winter weddings – yes, the temperature and weather is one difference, but it is also the type and colours of the flowers that constitute the major difference. Each season offers a variety of particular flowers which look more vibrant and are more durable to suit wedding decor at that time. For example, in autumn, chrysanthemums, dahlias, coves, asters (known as “star flowers”) or heather bushes are elegant and also add those gorgeous and warm autumnal hues to wherever you place them.

In summer, however, you need flowers that withstand the high temperatures and that look beautiful all day long. Some of the most typical at this time are: jasmine, lilac, gardenia or magnolia, among many others.

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2. Think about your type of celebration

The ceremony decoration is the first display of your creativity and wedding style, as well as being the picture perfect moment that everyone has been waiting for. However, depending on the type of celebration you have, your decoration may vary.

More classical flowers are chosen for the decoration of religious weddings. The architectural style of the church, for example, can condition the style of your flower arrangements.

  • In Romanesque churches, flowers usually have rounded shapes for a sweet and romantic feel with a touch of elegance, such as roses or hydrangeas.
  • In Gothic churches, expect elongated floral arrangements. Spike flowers such as gladioli or tuberose are dramatic and vibrant. Flowers like the lilium, or the gerber are also used as beautiful combinations.
  • In modernist churches, arrangements can be more linear and L-shaped. The most notable flowers, on this occasion, are the allium, anthurium, liatrix and large green leaves.

Important to note, sometimes simple, less attention-hogging flowers or plants work better for your day. If your wedding will be held in a modern location, something that is super on-trend at the moment is minimal flowers. If you were to hire the professionals at The Wedding Wonderland, you’ll find that their motto is ‘less is more!‘ They love to think outside the box, so don’t forget, if you’re looking to organise a modern and potentially minimal wedding, they’re happy to help!

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Although thinking about the type of church is important, a highly recommended decoration that can fit with all kinds of styles is one that wraps around columns, such as lovely flower garlands of daisies or paniculata. Generally, white is used, the most elegant colour that is both bright and bridal.

The distribution of flowers in the church usually goes as follows: in the center, and in front of the altar normally stands the biggest decoration – since it will be the most photographed space. From this centre point and at the end of the audience rows along the aisle, symmetrical flower arrangements are placed.

In civil weddings and non-religious ceremonies you can decorate according to your venue style. Nowadays, flowers are taking center stage at modern weddings – becoming more exotic and colourful with increased creativity and imagination. The first factor to consider is the time of your celebration. Flowers at day-time weddings, for example, will depend on whether they are held inside or outside. For an al fresco ceremony, think about flower arches to frame the ceremony – they make for great photos!

One decorative element that can differentiate day weddings with night weddings are candles. They set the mood and make the environment much more welcoming.

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3. Think about the venue

One of the other factors to bear in mind when deciding on your wedding flowers is the location and venue. An outdoor beach or garden wedding is not the same as a city wedding in a hotel or restaurant.

If you are going to get married in an open space, then decorate it with wild flowers and plants that better combine with the environment, the colours and the trees that grow in the area. If you are getting married or having your reception in an enclosed space, then observe the type of decoration and colours that it already offers, so that you can co-ordinate with the flowers.

In order to create a harmony between all of the elements, it is advisable to pick maybe one or two dominant colours that stay consistent throughout. So, if you’re thinking of getting married at a location that oozes beauty and elegance, like this one at Quinta Splendida Wellness & Botanical Gardens, make sure to take into account the colours of not only the building, but the surroundings. Besides its aesthetic qualities, this place offers everything you and your guests need to enjoy your big day. From endless amounts of green spaces to a dance floor, pool and terraces all with the backdrop of the ocean behind you, you’d regret looking elsewhere!

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4. Don’t forget certain spaces

All floral decoration should be consistent throughout your wedding, so make sure you think of every possible corner of your venue and how it would look with flowers. Two areas to really consider are the party/drinks areas and the tables. The decor of the tables is going to be one of the most notable parts for your guests, as that is where they will be sat for the evening! Make sure to find a professional who knows exactly how to use flowers to create the appropriate mood for your wedding style, much like Creazioni Floreali by Congiu Rossana. With their experience, you won’t be able to resist!

Firstly, the decoration of the drinks and party area. For daytime welcome drinks, just have some bright and soft arrangements that are similar to those of the ceremony. For the dancing area by night, make sure that your flowers are illuminated by light, such as candles or fairy lights.

Secondly, floral table decoration is another priority. Choosing centerpieces is something that makes each wedding unique. They could be small and round if you prefer sophisticated and classic, or bold with tall, flowing centres of asymmetrical flowers and natural garlands that run along tables – a hot 2019 trend.

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5. Advice

Whether you are in charge of decorating your wedding, or if have a wedding planner, it’s essential to think about the type of floral decoration that you want. Going to the venue before ordering the flowers is ideal for visualising how everything should look. You should also meet with your florist a few times. They will be able to guide you regarding seasonal flowers and availability or colour schemes.

The color of the flowers is strongly connected with the type of wedding you’re celebrating. You should talk to professionals, when you’re unsure about the right choice for your big day. I fiori di Lina are experts when it comes to matching your wedding style with the right flowers. They like to get to know their bridal couples before the wedding day. Their suggestion: “talk to them, get an idea of their wishes – that’s the perfect basis for any helpful advice”.

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Capri My Day

It is also essential that you estimate the approximate budget that you are going to allocate to flowers before setting your eyes on the most expensive ones – there is no point shopping for what you cannot afford! Give your florist your idea of budget from the word ‘go’ and they will work accordingly. Alternatively, if you have a wedding planner, make sure you meet up with them to discuss how you want to decorate your big day. With professionals such as Capri My Day, you’ll be guaranteed to come up with the best decor for you, as Giusy and Elena aim to help you make your day simply wonderful and true to your tastes.

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