How To Choose The Music For Your Wedding in 5 Simple Steps

How To Choose The Music For Your Wedding in 5 Simple Steps

Music is one of the key elements of weddings that often gets left until the last few weeks of planning. Don't forget that music has the power to soften or enhance all kinds of sensations. So if you want the best possible soundtrack for your wedding, follow these five simple steps:

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Music is one of the key elements of weddings that often gets left until the last few weeks of planning. It’s not valued enough, but it’s vital to accompany all the feelings, situations and emotions of your special day. It’s important to make a musical playlist according to your expectations, and it’s advisable to look for a balance and a good mix for your varied guests.

Don’t forget that music has the power to soften or enhance all kinds of sensations. So if you want the best possible soundtrack for your wedding, follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Personality

Remember that you are the protagonists of this your wedding and nobody can take that away from you, especially when it comes to your music tastes. Because, despite the success of commercial genres and chart music, everyone has differing preferences. Music is always personal!

However, unlike many other factors in your big day, music must remain simple and tasteful until, of course, the after party. Although you should maintain your personal tastes and style, do bear in mind that your guests should also feel comfortable throughout. Your wedding should carry your touch, but it is also organised for the enjoyment of all of your guests. So, avoid radical genres and aim for balance.

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2. Ceremony: Classic vs Modern

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The music during your ceremony depends on your type of wedding. In the case of religious celebrations, resort to the classics that have filled spiritual spaces for decades with choirs and sting instruments. These usually include known or unknown classical music, but also acoustic versions of current songs performed by experienced musicians (from the church or chosen by the bride and groom). These enhance the special moments of the ceremony such as the bride’s entrance, or between readings and during the exchange of rings. Be well informed about the services offered by the church, so that you know whether or not to hire musicians.

In civil celebrations, music is less limited and appears in several ways. Hiring a band is the option that we most recommend. Live bands reinterpret the couple’s favorite songs, many of them chosen just for the occasion. Their voice becomes the most important instrument, as they are accompanied by beautifully sounding percussion. The Zankyou directory is full of specialised musicians for weddings, although you can always turn to friends who have musical talent for a more personal touch.

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3. Interim moments 

Between the ceremony and the final party, which usually lasts several hours, music should take a background – soft, subtle music is always perfect for the general atmosphere. Music should always be present for the most important moments of the event, as well as the interim ones.

During the reception drinks and canapés, we recommend the use of background music, either with live band or acoustic playlist. This should be the same throughout the wedding breakfast, so that your guests can mingle and enjoy good food with good conversation.

During the most special moments, such as the bride and groom’s entrance to the venue, and the cutting of the cake, the music should increase in volume. Having a live band can liven up these different moments and enhance the experience of them for your guests. To do this, consider hiring professional musicians that specialise in weddings.

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4. First dance

Choosing the song for your first dance is a lovely experience in the wedding planning process. Which song means the most to both of you? Are there any songs in particular that remind you of each other? For you, what song has the most romantic melody? This is the moment in your wedding where you have the most musical freedom to reflect your personalities. Whether you’re into tango or heavy metal, you don’t have to follow wedding protocol when it comes to your first dance as newlyweds.  You also don’t need to rehearse a waltz for a successful first dance, it’s all about the music choice and your enjoyment of it.

Another option, which is one of the most fun, is rehearsing a themed dance in a group to surprise your spouse – either before, after or during the official first dance. Although nerves can sometimes take their hold, it’s worth adding some fun and originality to an otherwise serious wedding moment.

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5. The party and the balance

The final party is the icing on the big wedding cake. But the music should reflect the variety of tastes that your guests may have – such as music from different generations. Don’t let yourself be completely carried away by your own tastes, because the party is for everyone to enjoy.

Older guests will be satisfied with the most melodic songs that allow them to softly groove on the dance floor, other guests will enjoy a mix of classic and modern songs that both bring back memories of the past and are also current tunes.

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