Receive your gifts directly into your account. The only wedding gift list free of charge and without commissions. Perfect to gather honeymoon funds!


Create unique gifts, personalise them and receive the money in your account

With Zankyou's online wedding giftlist you can create your gift list and receive the money directly into your account. Add any gift ideas and experiences you've always dreamed of, from home decoration to honeymoon contributions, anything is possible! Zankyou offers a sophisticated way to share every details of your D Day with your guests. Easy, convenient and secure.
With over 3,000 reviews from satisfied couples, it is the most flexible and only free of charge wedding giftlist.
Create your giftlist now and discover all its advantages. Try it now!

Create unique gifts, personalise them and receive the money in your account

1. Create your gift list

and add your favourite, or customise items

Create unique gifts, personalise them and receive the money in your account

2. Share it

with your guests so that they can contribute

Create unique gifts, personalise them and receive the money in your account

3. Transfer your money

directly to your bank account as and when you want it

Why do couples choose Zankyou?

Receive the amount of your gifts in cash on your account
Your funds 100% protected
Add any gift idea: from honeymoon funds to experiences or gift from your favorite brand
Allow group gifting to cover all budget ranges
Your wedding list and website available in multiple languages
Easy to navigate for your guests
More than 100 unique and customisable designs
Personalized list display modes (map view for honeymoon, carousel, mosaic)
Add guests with Gmail and Outlook
Detailed wedding agenda, downloadable in wallet
Send personalized thank you notes to your guests
Online RSVP on your wedding website
Save the date
Wedding Table planner
Wedding checklist
Wedding budgeter
Photo album with unlimited storage
Wedding music playlist with Spotify or Deezer
Closest hotels and hairdressers suggestions
Guests' postal addresses automatic retrieval
Personalised sections (wedding blog, our story, etc.)
Create guest surveys
Guest visits statistics
Widget for integration into external websites (Countdown, Weather forecast, etc)
Countdown, Weather forecast, etc. widgets
Manage you guestlist anytime, anywhere from your phone

Most popular gift ideas

Add the coolest gift ideas to your list and receive the cash equivalent in your account.

Romantic dinner
Paradise excursion
Unforgettable diving
Relaxing spa
Modern appliances
Summer table
Kitchen accessories
Luminous dining room
Household linen
Exceptional crystal
Revolutionary speaker system
Essential cookware
Design lighting
Lounge cocooning
Elegant cutlery
Romantic garden
Colourful tableware
Check out all gifts

100% cash

With Zankyou, receive the funds for your dreamed gifts and transfer the money directly to your bank account to spend it on whatever you would like. You are notified of each gift and can thank your guests instantly from your mobile and download a total breakdown of the contributions received. Discover the most sophisticated and personal way to receive gifts from your guests - no more useless junk!

Ring fence protection

Zankyou guarantees total safety for payments made on its platform. The money is always in your name and complies with all security standards. Our payment gateway is international and accepts payments from all over the world in the most common currencies and payment methods in every country (credit card, bank transfer, etc.). You choose the country, currency and bank account for your wedding giftlist.

The only free wedding giftlist

Free of charge and without commissions up to £500 gifts received and with the lowest rates on the market for the next contributions: 2.4% per gift + 0.85p per transaction or 2% + 0.50p with premium pack. You can choose who pays the fees - assigned to the guests, the service to the bride and groom will be completely free.

Your giftlist and wedding website all in one place!

Gather all your wedding day information on your free website: itinerary, maps, hotel suggestions, RSVP, etc., and avoid lost invitation cards! If you would like to create a personalised website, you can customise it with trendy designs, set up your own domain, add some background music and much more!

App available on iOS and Android

App available on iOS and Android

Download the free Zankyou APP, and have complete control over all of the payments you receive, and thank your guests directly. Receiving gifts has never been easier!

You can choose the currency that suits you


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