5 Steps: How To Decorate Your Wedding

The decoration of your special day will reflect who you are as a couple, so take every one of these five steps to ensure that it is simply perfect

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The decoration of weddings becomes more important as the years go by. In general, the world has become more concerned about all the intricate details as the wedding industry has evolved with even more creativity. Thus, weddings, as a representation of the couple themselves, deserve a bit of their essence, almost always reflected through decoration.


To guide you, follow these five simple steps that will allow you to achieve exactly what you’ve dreamed of for your big day.

1. Your style as a couple

You’re the main architects of this special day and all its details, so your personality is what counts. However, sometimes it’s hard for us to know which style identifies us the most, and we fall into the mistake of touching on several themes without focusing on any of them. Therefore, make sure you first identify personal tastes, especially if your tastes don’t match. The best thing would be to look for an intermediate point and, above all, learn to compromise!

Although wedding planners can advise you, you should let them know that your personal style has to prevail in this wedding, independently of wedding fashions or current trends prioritised by third parties and providers. Also, try not to let your family and friends significantly influence your decoration, as it’s often easy to end up modifying your own style to please others

Try to be true to yourselves and, from there, start the exciting and creative journey  of visualising and decorating your wedding.

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2. Venue and environment

Although your chosen venue may have nothing to do with your personality, it will provide a blank canvas which you can stamp with your own style. Try to adapt to the venue so that your decoration is still consistent with the space, without forgetting that personal touch.

This can be encompassed in a more rural environment, such as a farmhouse, or in the city, with hotels.

The venue is relevant, but it’s also closely related to the environment in which it is located. Landscapes change drastically if we’re in a city or in the middle of the countryside. In this sense, designing suitable decoration is a good idea to blend in with your surroundings.

If you’re getting married in a rural environment, take advantage of new trends, such as boho chic or rural chic. In them, elements typical of rural contexts are used, spruced up with a sophisticated spark, which offer a cozy, personalised and fresh sensation. In this type of decoration, warm lighting such as candles and twinkly fairylights plays a very important role.

For more elegant weddings in urban contexts, decoration is more sober and sophisticated, with simple details that bring serenity and a classic atmosphere.

Vintage settings are also fashionable, recovering elements of the past to decorate the scene, such as hippie vans, typewriters, antique bicycles and pastel colours.

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Photo: Miss Little Things

3. Season

It’s important to take advantage of the virtues that enhance each season of the year. Although your style doesn’t have to relate to the season, each one has its own personality and corresponding flowers or colours.

In winter, Christmas contextualises weddings, as well as snow, pine forests, wooden houses, holly and berries …

In spring, flowers take on a special role to fill the celebration with freshness and colour, taking advantage of open spaces and landscapes full of life.

Summer, like spring, gives special importance to outdoor events, especially at night, with the scent of plants and trees, dim decor and gardens full of decorative elements.

In autumn, rich and warm colours return to take the lead, from oranges and golds to deep hues of purple and burgundy.

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Photo: Tu Día Perfecto

4. Providers

You must take into account who your providers are, how they work and what freedom they are going to give you to decorate your big day according to your tastes. Some wedding planners, for example, have rules that may clash with your style. In fact, many spaces have their own decorators and, although they can give you some freedom, they maintain certain standards. Inform yourself beforehand to ensure your full participation in your own wedding, because everything must revolve around your decisions and personality.

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Photo: Entre Tonos Pastel

5. Budget

When you’re clear about how you want to decorate your wedding, as well as having decided on the professionals that will help you cover your needs, you will have to assess suppliers according to your budget. The price will vary according to the theme or nature of the event.

If you don’t have a high budget, make your own DIY decorations for a unique touch.

If, on the other hand, the economic aspect is not a problem for you, work on a decoration that reflects exactly what you’re looking for, but don’t fall into excessive combinations of styles. It’s always good to get the advice of professionals, as long as they let you take the lead or, at least, participate actively in the creative planning of your big day.


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