How To Organise A Destination Wedding In Portugal

Fancy saying "I do" in one of the most popular destination wedding choices? Check out all Portugal has to offer to make your dreams come true!

How To Organise A Destination Wedding In Portugal
The Quinta - My Vintage Wedding in Portugal
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Portugal is quickly becoming one of the most famous countries to host a Destination Wedding. Therefore, many couples are being drawn to it as the location for their big day. At Zankyou, we wanted to know the reasons behind Portugal’s journey into the “bridal spotlight”, so we are sharing with you some tips to make sure you can live your very own fairy-tale wedding in Portugal.


More than 77% of the couples we asked told us that the weather, the good price-quality, the gastronomy, as well as the location itself are the main factors they bear in mind when they decide where to say the special words. With that being said, there is no doubt that more and more people are eager to marry in Portugal.

  • Sintra

The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal

The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal is the first wedding venue with a genuine vintage charm in Portugal. Located in the Sintra MountainsThe Quinta boasts 500 years of rich Portuguese history and culture. Sintra is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the world thanks to its royal retreats, castles, and UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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Photo: The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal

To help you plan and design your wedding, The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal has a team of wedding designers and wedding planners at your disposal. Wedding venue, planner and designer – sorted!

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Photo: The Quinta – My Vintage Wedding in Portugal

Quinta do Pé da Serra

Located between the mountains and the sea, with a magnificent view, Quinta do Pé da Serra is the perfect place to hold your event. It has all the necessary infrastructure to make it a unique occasion, where everyone can enjoy the natural views, and an excellent gastronomy offered by the exclusive Quinta do Pé da Serra.

Located in the Colares region of Sintra, the Quinta is easily accessible. It is only about 30 minutes from Lisbon!

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Photo: Quinta do Pé da Serra
  • Lisbon

Quinta do Torneiro Events

The Quinta do Torneiro is an incredible venue for weddings and events in Lisbon, Portugal. Despite its city location, the impressive estate is surrounded by vast grounds including a beautiful French garden and a 17th century chapel, making it the ideal venue to host your dream wedding in Portugal whilst enjoying both the glamorous city and the gorgeous countryside.

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Photo: Quinta do Torneiro Events
Quinta do Torneiro is a family owned and operated business that is devoted to satisfying their customers by providing a high quality service. They are a friendly, helpful, supportive team that wants nothing more than to see you experience your dream wedding.
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Photo: Quinta do Torneiro Events
  • Castelo Branco

Amoras Country House Hotel

If you are looking for a city full of charm, Castelo Branco is the choice to go.

In addition to the landscapes and peacefull environment, this beautiful town of Portugal has numerous tourist spots that will make your wedding unforgettable.

Amoras Country House Hotel is the perfect place for your wedding in the town of Proença-a-Nova, district of Castelo Branco.
An historical and romantic spot that you really have to get to know, in a quiet and relaxed environment that will be able to conquer all your guests.
Amoras Country House Hotel is the perfect place to hold your event on an exclusive basis.

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Photo: Amoras Country House Hotel

Lisbon Wedding Planner

Having a wedding planner for your wedding day is a must-have, especially if you are getting married abroad. Lisbon Wedding Planner combines exceptional wedding venues with excellent services. They aim to create outstanding destination weddings in Portugal in luxurious oceanfront wedding villas in Estoril and Cascais, historic, vintage estates in Sintra, and contemporary and modern wedding venues by the sea, and in spectacular 5 star hotels. In summary, Lisbon Wedding Planner will organise your wedding however you want it, and wherever you want it along the Lisbon Coast.

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Photo: Lisbon Wedding Planner

Lisbon Wedding Planner provides an essential list of contacts, professional knowledge of all the legal wedding procedures required to get married in Portugal, and a mix of professionals fluent in both Portuguese and English. When you plan your wedding with Lisbon Wedding Planner, you need not worry about details being lost in translation.

The Wedding Wonderland

With the professionals at The Wedding Wonderland you can organise an unforgettable wedding in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Whether you are wanting to plan a beach wedding, or a sophisticated wedding in the mountains, you can count on them to help you plan your event down to a T.

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Photo: The Wedding Wonderland

Quinta do Lumarinho 

Located close to centre of Lisbon, Quinta do Lumarinho offers easy access to its dreamy rooms that have been home to many loved-up couples. This venue is known for its magical and majestic gardens where the bride and groom can get lost in the beauty that surrounds every corner of the place. Amazing places serve as the idyllic stage for an inspirational photoshoot that will turn your wedding into a never-ending fairy-tale. This marvellous wedding location works exclusively with ‘Prenúncio de Festa’, an outstanding wedding planning agency.

Quinta do Lumarinho will welcome up to 400 of your loved ones with open arms, who can enjoy the wedding until the early hours of the morning.

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Photo: Quinta do Lumarinho

It’s All About…

For amazing photography, José and Catarina are the ones you will want to talk to. They see themselves as “hunters”, always searching for the most natural emotions and stories. Their passion is giving couples the chance to make and remember eternal moments, moments that will never be repeated, but always remembered in small frames.
For these three photography and cinema are much more than a profession, it is something that they are passionate about, and every wedding for them is something to be thankful for.
Photo: It’s All About
Photo: It’s All About


With Rituais, wedding couples can hire experienced professionals in all areas regarding sound, lighting and entertainment.

In recent years, many more couples are adapting to 21st century trends and hiring professionals to organise the technical side of their event. While a wedding planner is a great idea for the design, wedding invitations, etc…, we often need a little more professional help with lighting and sound. Fortunately, Rituais are a great company who are happy to cater to your wedding event needs!

  • Porto

Memories sometimes run away. At Profoto Studio you will find an expert team of photographers, videographers, image editors and designers who are dedicated to providing a beautiful photo album to accompany all your wedding event memories.

Their creative touch will find all the details of your day that you may have missed in real-time, so that you have a set of little stories you can never forget!

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Photo: Profoto
saveProfotoFind out more
Photo: Profoto

Mary Me – Eventos

This wedding supplier works on the premise that each and every wedding dream is valid and can be created for those special brides and grooms on their big day. Based in Porto, Portugal, the company started organising weddings in the north of Portugal and then spread the love through the entire country, hosting bespoke weddings for an array of bridal styles.

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Mary Me – Eventos
  • Algarve


Surprise your guests by hosting your dream wedding at one of the most picturesque and visited Portuguese parks: Zoomarine. Here you have a handful of possibilities to experience an unforgettable day, from majestic gardens to the opportunity to exchange vows with dolphins as your witnesses. Creativity, professionalism, and enthusiasm are the Zoomarine team’s mottos to attain their main goal: planning and organising a memorable and unbelievable ceremony. They work with wedding professionals that will provide you with the absolute best service, and the accommodation for your guests on your wedding night.

Within Zoomarine you can host a civil ceremony with a capacity of up to 800 guests and be the celebrity of your own wedding by being under the spotlight of a show-stopping photoshoot.

Photo: Zoomarine

Quinta dos I’s

In the heart of the Algarve you can find the enchanting Quinta dos I’s, a venue with a rustic vibe and sophisticated environment for your celebration. You can guarantee an amazing catering company that will offer you dishes that go beyond all expectations. Since you are planning a destination wedding, you should also bear in mind that your guests need a nice place to stay. With Quinta dos I’s  you need not worry about that as they can sleep up to 28 guests.

Photo: Quinta dos I’s
  • Coimbra

Convento de Sandelgas

For your Destination Wedding, Convento de Sandelgas offers you an authentic wedding experience. Located in one of the most famous Portuguese cities, Coimbra. This ancient venue is filled with history and is renowned as an incredible place to say “I do”. Here, you can enjoy the amazing combination of the location’s architecture as well as the creative and personal decoration of your wedding planners.

This place does not require a minimum number of guests, however it can only welcome a maximum of 23o people. The large grounds include a majestic garden and a charming church, amongst many other delightful features. At Convento de Sandelgas, the couple to-be can celebrate a religious or civil ceremony.

Photo: Convento de Sandelgas
Photo: Convento de Sandelgas

Ideally, the progress of organising a destination wedding should be started 11 months in advance. 81% of the couples that we spoke to said that they counted on wedding planners from the destination itself, since they believe this is the best way to find the best local services in the wedding sector.

Prenúncio de Festa, as we have mentioned before, shows exclusivity when it comes to Quinta do Lumarinho, offering therefore a huge range of possibilities with partners, from the North to the South of Portugal. The team is known for not putting any kind of details aside and demonstrating high quality services. So, organising your big day can be totally stress free.

Photo: Prenúncio de Festa

How to find the right providers from abroad? We want to highlight the fact that 69% of couples found services in Portugal through Internet and Wedding Platforms Online, and 22% of couples heard of it from a friend. Interestingly, too, when it comes to the wedding outfits, only 25% of couples decide to purchase the bridal gown or the groom suit in the chosen country.

Photo: Gio Rodrigues
Photo: Rosa Clará

In order to capture the memories of your wedding day, you need to rely on the best Portuguese professionals around, the ones that will create and offer you something unique and special. So, to prevent you searching the internet for days, we have put together some of the best wedding photographers in Portugal.

And, some of the best Portuguese photographers have won awards all over Europe and the world:

Photo: Hélder Couto
Photo: Nelson Marques Photography

If you are  somehow still not convinced that Portugal is the place for your destination wedding, take a look at our destination wedding section to find the perfect place to say those 2 special words.

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