How To Choose The Perfect Scent For Your Wedding Day In 5 Steps

Smell is important. In fact, it’s one of the things we remember most about a person when we first meet, whether we’re aware of it or not. A smell can even remind us of moments from years and years ago. But not only this; a smell is a way of identifying oneself. Choosing a perfume for your wedding day, then, may just be the final touch you need for your bridal look! Take a look at how you should go about choosing your scent with the 5 steps below.

  1. Be Faithful To Your Scent
  2. Make A Change For A Special Day
  3. Resort To Science
  4. Think About Your Personality
  5. Search For A Feeling

1. Be Faithful To Your Scent

If you have been faithful to a perfume for a long time, or you have several in on your bedside table to choose from, why change on the most important day of your life?

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2. Make A Change For A Special Day

Perhaps you don’t have that special scent that you feel characterises you perfectly? Perhaps you’re still yet to come across it. If so, make sure you have a look around for a scent before the big day. In fact, you may want to wear it a few times before the day, so that you know it suits you well.

If this is the case, make sure you think carefully about what kind of scent you want to give off. Think about the time of year, for example. If your wedding will be held in the autumn months, perhaps you’d want a warmer smell as opposed to if you were to marry in the spring or summer. With these months a lighter fragrance may be the ideal choice.

3. Resort To Science

If you want to find your perfect fragrance, both for your wedding and for the day-to-day, resort to professionals. Biological aspects, such as skin or body fat, come into play, since not all people react in the same way perfumes to the same perfumes.

To choose the right perfume, the pH of the skin is very important, both at the olfactory level and at the health level. First of all, it is important to know that the pH of the skin is able to modify the initial smell of any perfume, that is why there is not the same aroma of a perfume for each person. The fragrances have specific characteristics due to the mixture of their components, and these acquire a new scent by making contact with the skin.

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The duration of the smell also depends a lot on the type of skin and the temperature of it. Cold and dry skins do not keep too much perfume smell, so it is recommended to use odourless creams and use fragrances with a higher concentration of essential oils. These perfumes are also recommended for sensitive skin that suffer irritation and redness.

In the case of the most greasy and high-temperature skins, less intense perfumes are recommended, since they tend to maintain a lot of odour and intensify it at a level that can be overwhelming and unpleasant. Perfume water is a perfect solution.

4. Think About Your Personality

As we have already explained, a scent helps determine the personality of an individual and therefore should not be left to chance. To find the fragrance that could help improve our definition as people, there are seven olfactory families be aware of:

In the first place, floral perfumes. These nod to feelings of spring and romanticism. Floral scents such as neroli, lavender, margarita and poppy refer to lightness, freshness and carefreeness; the peonies, tuberose, lilies, freesias and gardenias are stronger and, therefore, belong to women with exotic and sensual air; and, finally, the most romantic and feminine women opt for the aromatic highlights of jasmine and roses.

The woody scents swing between two possible personalities, but generally speak of the serenity, warmth and strength of those who wear them. They can be fresher and refer to freer spirits if they play with pine, cedar or bamboo, and more sober, classic and imposing with shades of sandalwood, guaiac or oak.

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One of the most recurrent families is citrus. The lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange or tangerine are inexhaustible sources of energy and the people who choose these fragrances correspond with the same philosophy. They are active, with good attitude, positive and young spirit.

The Fougere family, rescued from the Fougere Royale fragrance of 1882, uses bergamot, wood, lavender, green notes, coumarin and moss to satisfy people of wild personality. The notes that this aroma awakens arise from the deepest and most mysterious nature, but they are also fresh and look for balance.

Classic and sensual women opt for the Chypre family (the original perfume is from 1917), fresh and warm in equal parts, making use of aromas such as bergamot, rose, jasmine, patchouli, amber, musk and moss.

One of the most serious families, the Cuero, has personality, elegance and sobriety. The use of strong smells such as wood, moss, tobacco or smoked refers to classic but self-confident people who handle the erotic power and are fans of luxury and comfort.

One of the jewels in the crown is the oriental family, where spices, plants and mysterious and exotic balsamic oils are mixed. Thus, vanilla, pepper, cardamom and cloves coexist with ginger, cocoa and licorice and resins such as amber. The sensuality and warmth are part of his sign, as well as the personality of being original and outstanding.

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5. Search For A Feeling

As we have said, the scents awaken all kinds of memories and make us relive moments. This is given by the close connection of these with the limbic or primitive brain, which makes them great emotional vehicles, often from when we were children. It is carried out unconsciously and very visceral sensations are activated. For this reason almost all perfumes are closely related to well-being, good atmosphere and good humour, concepts that the human being strives to achieve.

Generally, success, safety, beauty and pleasure are sensations that we want to transmit through perfume. Because the image shown to the outside is important for us, and the smell helps that image stand or jump through the air. Thus, perfume has an important social factor that in a wedding can increase the attractiveness of a person.

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The families of Cueros and Maderas usually come well at times when security is needed, perhaps at a wedding, but more in a work meeting. For a day or night like that, the Orientales, Foguère and some Florals are perfect, because they marry situations where seduction and romanticism prevail, and your pretension is to dazzle your partner and your audience. Chypre and Citrus go well for day to day, but may be too light for a wedding. In any case, your personality and the feeling you want to convey will determine the final choice.

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