How To Organise An Intimate Wedding

Organising an intimate wedding is becoming more and more popular, so why not check out our top tips on how to make the most of your lowkey wedding day?

How To Organise An Intimate Wedding
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Weddings are renowned for being the biggest event of your life; it’s become custom to invite (almost) every person you’ve ever met to your big day. However, whether it’s due to financial reasons or couples seeking simplicity and personalisation, intimate weddings are growing in popularity.

Small, intimate weddings offer an alternative to what we’ve seen in previous years. Gone are the days of overcrowded dance floors and pricey three-course meals, millennials are looking for quality not quantity. So not only does this mean a shorter guest list and (hopefully) lower costs, this also means it’s become easier to organise! Read on for our 5 steps to organising an intimate wedding

  1. Determine the number of guests
  2. Choose the right location
  3. Customise the ceremony
  4. Organise a cocktail or buffet banquet
  5. Adapt certain details to suit you
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1. Determine The Number of Guests 

An intimate wedding means only your nearest and dearest are luckily to be invited to such an exclusive event. Your number of guests should not exceed 60 or 70.

As with organising a wedding of any size, first you have to sit with your partner and write a draft list of who you’d like to invite to your big day. Undoubtedly this draft list will have more names than expected, so spend some time refining it together, and then draw up a final list. Remember that you have no obligation to invite people to your wedding day, at the end of the day it’s YOUR event, and you only need those closest to you there.

Tip: If you’re really struggling to whittle it down, create a separate, less formal event where you can celebrate with as many people as you’d like!

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2. Choose The Right Location

It is important to determine the number of guests as soon as possible so you know what type of location to choose. You don’t have to have a definitive list, but a rough idea. This way, you can begin looking at venues!

What’s great about an intimate event is that you have much more locations to choose from! With a bigger wedding party, you won’t be able to hire out that delicate garden you’ve been looking at, or the really unique barn that holds just 60 people… Having an intimate wedding is a true blessing in disguise when it comes to the location.

If you’re hoping to get married abroad, you have endless possibilities! Sit down with your partner and take a look through some of the beautiful weddings some of our brides have hosted abroad.

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3. Customise The Ceremony

An intimate wedding gives rise to a greater experimentation, fed by the number of guests and the closeness you have with them all. Thus, the ceremony is the first point that you should personalise, turn your day into a truly personalised one that will be felt by all those invited. Customising your wedding means looking at the details. So, if you have friends or relatives who want to say a few words, the wedding will be much more personal and sentimental.

Chiara of Grizzly Studio is a graphic designer from Italy who decided to dedicate part of her profession strictly to weddings because she loves them so. It is her aim to offer you the expertise of a professional, to try to find the best solutions to your needs and to design the ideal wedding suite for you, respecting your tastes and the theme chose for the big day, all coordinated stylistically and graphically. This suite can be made up out of the wedding invitation, menu, table numbers and many more. Curious? Get in touch with her through her Zankyou page!

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4. Organise a Cocktail or Buffet Banquet

Here is one of the most interesting proposals that arise for an intimate wedding: the banquet doesn’t have to follow the norms of before. That is to say, there are more options than a three-course sit down meal. Therefore, we suggest the option a buffet, which means that your guests can eat as much, or as little, as they like at their own pace.

It’s much more informal and open, and lends itself to a more varied palette. If you want to serve a variety of cuisines you can do so with this option. Another option is a food truck for a very modern touch.

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5. Adapt Certain Details To Suit You

If you have chosen an intimate wedding, you have much more space to be creative! Be imaginative with the details of your big day, starting with your wedding invitations. Once you’ve got the guest list down, get creative and send off your personalised invitations.

Something that brides are opting for more and more is the DIY trend. Asking your close family and friends for help decoration or creating stationery will establish a personal, intimate style to your big day. Or you can rely on your wedding planner to help you with this too!

With a smaller location, it’s easier to create an amazing atmosphere, and music is a key instrument to achieve the best one possible. Hire musicians or groups that know how to perform songs known to all and that are present not only during the party, but throughout the entire evening. A DJ is not a bad choice, but it may be more suitable for large weddings where the party is organised in a large space and the music must reach further.

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