How To Choose The Right Catering For Your Wedding In 5 Simple Steps

If there is one detail that everyone remembers from the wedding, it is the food. Here is some advice for choosing the perfect catering service for your special day.

How To Choose The Right Catering For Your Wedding In 5 Simple Steps
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There is no doubt that the quality of the catering is what makes a wedding. Your guests may have come to see you exchange your vows and celebrate your union, but a true party involves good food. In fact, gastronomy is usually what guests remember the most and, therefore, is one of the most important things to take care of.


It is well known that the catering takes up roughly half of your wedding budget, so, with this in mind, you can start researching the best teams around. You should also find out whether your venue has its own catering services or if you need to hire them separately. Here are 5 useful tips:

Step 1. Number of guests and type of catering

The number of guests is highly important for any aspect of wedding organisation. The catering will change according to how many family and friends will be there, since some services include a minimum or a maximum number. In this sense, the quality of the food must be guaranteed regardless of the number of people, because many catering companies, when they have to provide for large groups, become assembly lines of food that overlook the individual quality of every plate.

The number of guests and the style of your wedding will determine the type of catering. If you are hosting a classical event and have a large number of attendees, the traditional wedding breakfast with the guests seated at round tables is the best option. This is the catering style that continues to be the most popular.

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For less crowded and more casual weddings, two really practical and original options are canapés and finger food the whole evening, or a buffet with different food stalls. In these two cases, there are many modern chefs and breakthrough catering styles that ooze experimentation and originality. Another option is the modern, rustic-chic style of catering, a style which has converted the traditional banquet from round tables to long wooden tables, rural chic decorations without tablecloths, vintage tableware, warm, soft lighting and unique menus.

Something that may be important to you, no matter the size of your wedding, is whether the caterer is familiar with your chosen venue.

Step 2: Look for good reviews

The most important opinion is yours, but you should also take into account past experiences before you book. Newlyweds and foodie experts will all have something to say and you must learn to contrast information, opinions and advice. Without a doubt, those who know the catering service will know how to advise you better than anyone.

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Photo: Le Cirque Firenze Catering

A company with impeccable reviews is Le Cirque Firenze. Entrusting your wedding catering to Le Cirque Firenze means choosing to take a journey through taste, colours, flavours, aromas, and European gastronomy.

saveLe Cirque Firenze CateringFind out more about Le Cirque Firenze Catering
Photo: Le Cirque Firenze Catering

Le Cirque Firenze will adapt to your culinary wishes both creatively and traditionally in order to guarantee a unique experience that will impress all of your guests. They will offer you typical menus of Italian and French cuisine that are prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, carefully selected, to guarantee you ultimate flavour. With Le Cirque Firenze you will eat with your eyes, breathe in the appetising aromas, and devour dream dishes. Le Cirque Firenze aims for the wow! effect and nothing less. They never fail to achieve said effect because they only do jaw dropping events.

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Photo: Le Cirque Firenze Catering

Step 3: Ask about the services they include

Wedding catering is not limited to offering dishes for your guests. Therefore, you should ask everything about what exactly is included in the price so that you do not lack certain aspects of the complete service, such as the waiters, the cake, the bar staff, and even the decoration. In fact, many caterers differ from the rest not only because of the content of the banquet itself, but also because of the options and specialities that serve to enrich both the setting up of the reception and the delicious flavours themselves.

A perfect example of a company that creates unique wedding specialities is Confetti Crispo, which, since 1890, has been producing sugared almonds that give a sweet nuance to the wedding banquets of couples who only accept the best for their wedding day. You can choose the flavours you prefer and create your own personal assortment to surprise friends and relatives with these Italian delicacies. Confetti Crispo is a successful, international company which always aims to improve itself, creating new aromas, tastes, flavours and combinations to ensure that their sweet treats impress your guests at your wedding. For a delicious and beautiful confetti that will always bring back treasured memories of your wedding day, choose Confetti Crispo!

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As the experts at Mencarelli Group say, “behind the success of each event there is a highly qualified staff team, a carefully personalised menu and outfits tailored to the peculiarities of the chosen location so as to enhance its magic.”

RM Glamour Ricevimenti offers a wide range of options. With these professionals you know that you can opt for anything from the simplest refreshment to the cocktail, from the buffet to the most elaborate dinner. Their chefs create the basics of traditional Tuscan cuisine mixed with the refinement of delicate fish dishes!

saveRM Glamour RicevimentiFind out more about RM Glamour Ricevimenti
Photo: RM Glamour Ricevimenti
saveRM Glamour RicevimentiFind out more about RM Glamour Ricevimenti
Photo: RM Glamour Ricevimenti

Step 4. Taste the food: quality and quantity

When you already have several possible options for catering, based on the references and the information you have obtained, it is time to taste. The tasting is key to know how  professionals work and to get to know the different menus that best suit your preferences.

There should be a perfect balance between quality and quantity on your plate. It is also convenient to establish the amounts that will be distributed to each person to avoid unnecessary surprises on the big day.

Do not forget the quality of the compositions. How does the presentation creatively work with the flavours? Seasonal products, typical of the season in which you celebrate the wedding, are a good option, but so is the search for special and unexpectedly tasty sensations. Make sure that the products are fresh and that the designs of the dishes enhance the magical gastronomic experience for your guests.

You can take your parents or friends knowledgeable in the matter to have more than one opinion and decide with more security, but remember that your personality always counts and that your word and that of your partner should always be the last.

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Photo: Mencarelli Group

Step 5: Think about every detail

These days, catering is becoming more adaptable to many styles and dietary requirements. It is therefore necessary to look for a service that can provide for any need your guest may have, and so, once you have confirmed the number of guests, make sure you find out their requirements! Any good catering company should be willing to take preferences on board and make sure that they can create a special experience for every guest, regardless of there dietary needs.

If you are looking for a wonderful and creative team that will keep an eye on every detail, Sara Pacciardi Creazioni Eventi is the perfect choice for you! The wedding planner and her team have been planning weddings throughout Tuscany for years, and they always make the most wonderful events. For them, it is very important to guide their wedding couples through the entire planning process, especially when it comes to brainstorming your very own ideas and wishes. In addition to the event planning, Sara Pacciardi and her team will also help you achieve the most delicious wedding menu on the table. She has everything you need in order to celebrate your dream wedding.

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Photo: Sara Pacciardi Creazioni Eventi

Another detail that you should bear in mind is whether the company is flexible in case you need to make any last minute changes – you want the whole process to be smooth and easy.

And, as you should do with the decided venue, find out about the catering company’s cancellation policy, in the unlikely case of postponement or cancellation.

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