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How To Choose the Groom's Accessories: 4 Fundamental Things To Consider

Every groom has a different style, and a different aim for how they want to look on their wedding day. How the groom looks is as important as the bride, so check out our top tips on how to accessorise, and ensure you look stylish and fashionable.

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Although it may not seem so, during a wedding, the groom’s accessories are as important, or even more so, than those of the bride, given that the groom does not generally benefit from having professional makeup or a special hairstyle in the same way as the brides, so they must then choose stylish accessories to create an elegant look.


Upon choosing the accessories that will accompany the groom’s suit for the wedding, it is fundamental to choose things that are different from the day-to-day ties and cufflinks that he may wear to work. Adhering to the advice given by male-fashion experts is a good way to avoid a bland or plain look, although it is vital to listen to the personal preferences of each individual groom.

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Photo: Eden Day Photography

Whether you choose to have a tailored suit made, or go window shopping for the perfect outfit, you should keep in mind the following 4 things:

1. Trends in Colours

The colour of the groom’s suit is going to define the rest of his outfit, and when it comes to it, the rest of the accessories that he wears. The most popular colours this year are dark grey, wine, and blue, but it is of course the choice of the groom, and how he feels most comfortable. Additionally, it is a good idea to ensure that the groom’s outfit does not have the potential to clash with the thematic colours of the wedding.

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2. The time of the wedding

Weddings that take place during the day are very different from those in the afternoon, and then in the evening, and it is vital that the groom’s accessories complement the time of day of the ceremony.

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Photo: Alixan Loosle

For grooms whose weddings take place during the day, it is highly recommended that they invest in ties, waistcoats, cufflinks, and shoes that match the colour and tone of their suit. By doing this, the groom can ensure they are the centre of the guests’ attention, and also of their bride.

Contrastingly, it is recommended that grooms who have evening weddings aim for a style that is elegant and low-key; these looks are most commonly found amongst designers such as Hugo Boss, Dunhill or Burberry.

3. Body shape

Another feature to bear in mind when searching for accessories is the body shape of the groom. A short man and a tall man will not benefit from the same accessories, in the same way that a leaner man will want to choose differently from a groom with a more stocky-build.

Photo: Anglomanía

4. Personal style

Every man has a different style, and, for the most part, it is best to be guided by this. Generally, men know if their style is classic, modern, simple, or if they like a more extravagant piece, and are more radical. With this pre-existing knowledge, it is quite easy for the groom, or the designer, to create a suit and decide accessories that will ensure comfort and style. It is also important that the groom is able to show off his personality through his suit, in the same way that every bride does through her dress.

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Foto: Leigh Miller

Once all of these details have been decided, the groom will be ready for the big day! Alongside the advice in this article, you can also check out our gallery of current and fashionable groom’s suits and accessories to find inspiration for your look.


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