How To Organise A Romantic Wedding In The South Of France

Dreaming of a reason to tie the knot in the south of France? You'll definitely want to take the plunge once you've seen the suppliers we have for you!

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We already know that France is one of the most romantic places for a destination wedding. It’s different landscapes, architecture and climates mean that it’s perfect for any couple. From scenic views from the historial Normandy beaches, or across the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean, France offers you everything. But although Paris is the famous ‘city of love’, and every year thousands of people get engaged there, it seems that many loved-up couples, including some of Hollywood’s most famous, find the south of France to be ‘the one’ for their intimate ceremony.


In the past few years, France’s beautiful architecture has seen the likes of Tom Hardy, “Brangelina” and Kiera Knightley say their ‘I do’s, which is a good enough reason as any to get out our suitcases and take our weddings to somewhere with a little more to offer, in art, culture and (of course) climate!

And, although it may take a few weeks or months to convince your other half, you know you can guarantee a wedding your guests will remember forever. Fortunately then, we’ve got together a few suggestions for venues and wedding planners so you don’t have to stress from across the Channel.

Domaine De Sarson

Somewhere on a hilltop overlooking Grignan is Domaine De Sarson. Over 15 hectares of land, enveloped by beautiful lavender fields, couples can say those special words. With shaded patios and swimming pools for that all important wedding photo album, it is the perfect place for couples to host an event in a safe, secluded area for as many as 250 seated guests.

For weddings inside or out, they have it all. For the cocktail party, the wedding dinner and the next day brunch couples and guests can enjoy 400 square metres of covered patios including an open white brick barn, a bucolic as well as refined and relaxing setting… a dream site to host a wedding.

What makes this place so accommodating is that it is able to welcome most of a couple’s guests in it’s 77 beds, giving it a feeling of being a big family home!

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Photo: Domaine De Sarson
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Photo: Domaine De Sarson

Château de Pennautier

Located in the heart of a vineyard in the south of France, this 17th century chateau offers couples the chance to see exactly France is so popular for a romantic ceremony. With over 24 bedrooms, 8 cottages, restaurants and wine bars for everyone, you can give your guests a real taste of French culture. And, of course, you can always rely on the weather for a picturesque setting in their private vineyard.

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Photo: Chateau de Pennautier
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Photo: Chateau de Pennautier

L’Hôtel du Castellet

The superb Hotel Castellet belongs to the “Relais & Chateaux” group and is known for its gourmet cuisine. It’s the ideal venue to celebrate your wedding because it delivers both peace and luxury. These sublime spots all boast sleek décor, the outdoor pool is equipped with pretty, small open huts and the views are incredible, offering a perfect environment for an alfresco wedding on a mild summer’s evening…

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Photo: Hôtel du Castellet

La Bastide des Barattes

In a protected environment in the heart of the Provence countryside, the “Bastide des Barattes” gives your guests a beautiful garden to enjoy. With a swimming pool and bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 people, you’ll feel at home but without the stress of daily life, and we’re sure your guests will to!

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Photo: La Bastide des Barattes

Who To Hire

If you’re looking for a priest who can speak to your english guests as well as to your french ones, un prêtre pour vous marier is here for you.

Being fluent, Père Antoine will bring his experience to elaborate with you a ceremony that connects with who you are, with fathomable words, rites, and symbols, in an atmosphere of emotion, prayer and communion. He will prepare with you by videomeeting and on D day he will officiate on your wedding venue.

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Foto: Un prêtre pour nous marier

Your Wedding Venue

So Special Events

So Special Events offers A-Z planning to make sure your day goes as swiftly and as stress-free as possible for you. So, if you want an intimate ceremony on a terrace, or a weekend affair at a private mansion, the best choice is So Special Events. And the best thing is that they offer services all over France, so you have the freedom to choose exactly where you want your wedding with them, and exactly how much you want them to plan!

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Photo: So Special Events
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Photo: So Special Events

Chic Events In France

If you’re searching for a region filled with authentic French charm, Gascony is the one you want. Filled with archaeological reserves and traditional towns, you and your guests can enjoy all of what France has to offer in the lead up to your big day. Katy, at Chic Event in France, knows exactly how to provide what you want. With links with caterers who excel in the art of the south-western French cuisine, and location providers, she can make your French fairytale come true!


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