The Best UK-Based Destination Wedding Planners

Organising a wedding without professional help can be one of the most difficult and chaotic processes that any one person will experience in their life, and that is complicated quite a few times over by having your wedding abroad. However, don’t be put off! Destination Weddings are the most special of occasions, and if you are lucky enough to have the financial resources to do it, then you should definitely take the opportunity – not many people in the UK can say that they got married in Italy or Spain!

Alongside providing a beautiful backdrop, having your wedding abroad is often more intimate, more romantic, and simply more exciting. If you’re looking for a quiet elopment, then the planning process may well be a little less intense, but if you’re determined to have your family and friends with you on your big day – and therefore have a bigger ceremony and reception – we recommend that you solicit the services of a wedding planner. If you can find someone you trust, and with plenty of experience, then your worries will simply melt away under the hot European sun…

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To help you find this person, we have compiled the profiles of our favourite UK-based Destination Wedding planners for you to go through – with such an incredible selection to choose from, there’s no need to look anywhere else!

  1. Aimee Dunne
  2. Planned For Perfection
  3. Charlotte Elise
  4. Wonderlust Events
  5. Matthew Oliver Weddings
  6. Elisabetta White

1. Aimee Dunne

Aimee Dunne is a luxury wedding and events planner, with many years of industry experience, and a talent for adding those desired touches of glamour and sophistication to your big day. Based in Kent, Aimee Dunne’s specialities in the Destination Wedding world are France and Dubai, though the company are happy to organise globally. With a “white book” of some of the prestigious providers in the world, Aimee Dunne certainly has a few tricks up her sleeve.

In terms of budget, this depends entirely on your requirements of the company for your wedding. Expect a larger price tag for an international wedding that mandates travel, but at a reasonable cost, all couples can expect a bespoke and comprehensive service that will give them the day they have always dreamed of. Aimee Dunne even offers a tailored service for couples on a time-restricted deadline – with expertise in dealing with logistical and administrative difficulties, there are few providers more qualified to help you with your wedding.

2. Planned for Perfection

Based in Gloucestershire and run by wedding veteran Jane Riddell, Planned for Perfection has thrice been voted the best wedding planning service in the Cotswolds, and is widely recognised as one of the most professional planning organisations in the UK. In operation since 2007, Planned for Perfection has worked around the world, in destinations including Australia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Iceland. With an almost incomparable depth and breadth of experience, Planned for Perfection is the ideal company for weeking rookies.

As planning is tailored to the couple, costs are estimated at a later date in light of destination and other features. And Planned for Perfection does not start and finish with your wedding day – they are also available to help you plan your proposal, and your honeymoon. Bookending the entire ordeal of organising the most important day of your life, Planned for Perfection offer an inclusive service with great attention to detail.

3. Charlotte Elise

Charlotte Elise is the youngest wedding planner within this article, bringing with her modernity, innovation and a fresh new way of organising your Destination Wedding ceremony and reception. With the ability to work in any country in the world, Charlotte Elise offers a delightful “pick and mix” service, wherein couples can choose which parts of the wedding they want included within their planning package – from the venue hunt to cake testing to lighting and décor. The company also offers on-the-day wedding management, and partial wedding planning for couples who want a safety net.

Based in Chester, Charlotte Elise offers a luxurious service from a bright new talent in the wedding industry, and a very capable pair of hands for any bridal couple. You should expect her services to cost around 10-15% of your overall budget, which is a very encouraging figure for every couple out there looking for a planner (though there is a minimum requirement). Relax on your wedding day with the accomplished Charlotte Elise!

4. Wonderlust Events

Wonderlust Events offer a fully inclusive Destination Wedding service, with an understanding of just how daunting it is to organise your big day abroad. With prices beginning from a very equitable £3,000 – and adjusted from then on with regard to location – they offer a full or partial planning package, including services such as sourcing venues and suppliers, sorting legal paperwork, and being present on the day to keep a tight control over everything that is happening and to ensure that your wedding runs entirely smoothly.

With an incredible diversity of previous locations, including France, Greece and Israel, Wonderlust Events are a very flexible planning service, who offer a rustic charm and class – alongside the complete relaxation that comes with knowing you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong! Operating across the UK, Europe, and then any other country that you are interested in, Wonderlust Events are perfect for any couple looking for reliability and refinement from their wedding planner.

5. Matthew Oliver Weddings

Based in the beautifully quaint town of Bradford-on-Avon in Somerset, Matthew Oliver Weddings organises Destination Weddings across the world, with their list of favourite places including Mexico, South Africa, Austria and the USA. Happy to plan a beach wedding, or a ceremony up in the mountains, the four-person team are full of personality and vivacity, and the perfect addition to your wedding party. Having been established since 2012, there is plenty of experience to go around!

Matthew Oliver Weddings provide an incredibly personalised service, recognising the importance of bonding with the couple before their wedding day to have a better understanding of their vision. The team take on 12 weddings a year to ensure that each receives their utmost attention, and this is always reflected in the end result. With their excellent service comes a corresponding price tag, but if you want your wedding day to be sheer bliss, then don’t hesitate in contacting Matthew Oliver Weddings!

6. Elisabetta White

Elisabetta White specialises in creating memorable Destination Weddings in London, Italy and beyond. Priding herself on planning weddings that represent the couples’ personalities and journey together, Elisabetta White and her team aim to turn the wildest dreams into the most beautiful realities. With a sense of style and aesthetic that is unrivalled within the wedding planning industry, Elisabetta White is guaranteed to be able to help you create an intimate Destination Wedding that makes you feel perfectly at home.

Couples seeking a Destination Wedding can expect to pay between 12.5-15% of of their wedding budget for Elisabetta White’s despoke services, and she also offers her skills for couples looking to elope. Additionally, couples who are organising themselves, but are looking for a little extra professional guidance can reserve her services for £60/hour. With an understanding of the immensely romantic nature of a wedding, Elisabetta will work hard to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch, and is something to be looked back on with great joy in the future. 

Choosing a good Destination Wedding planner is a must for your wedding abroad, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our favourite providers and get started today!

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