This is what you call a unique proposal of marriage. A homemade videogame!!

When creativity, love and technolodgy come together to create an impressive, personal and emotional marriage proposal.

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Thanks to new technologies and a handful of very creative people, we can say that marriage proposals have evolved a lot. The traditional, romantic and conservative approach with the groom kneeling with ring in hand, a bouquet of roses and champagne, although beautifully traditional, it is no longer the number one choice for the original proposal that every bride dreams of.

We have recently featured incredible marriage proposals including a romantic and useful proposal with Post It notes and one very selfless bride whose bridesmaid was proposed to during the ‘throwing of her bouquet.’ But Zankyou officially votes the proposal that Austin Piech MADE for his girlfriend Lauren Woodrich asking her to marry him, is one of, if not the best proposal! The video that was uploaded only a few days ago is circulating social networks and is undoubtedly one of the most creative and original proposals we have ever seen.

Austin wanted to recreate a proposal in a similar style to that of his grandparents, and with the rhythm of the classic Mexican song by mariachi “We” which his grandfather was singing whilst he popped the question to his future bride to be, he decided to combine two great ideas. He said it was very difficult to combine such a musical talent and video game idea, but he knew that Lauren would love this type of originality plus she knows his love of technology and so this seemed like a foolproof trick way to surprise her, and that it did!

The beginning of the video is simple, Austin asks Lauren to try a new game he has designed and wants her opinion as an “expert.” Each level is based on a special point that has happened during their relationship, from their first date, first holiday together, even when he first met her family, and at each level the song choice by mariachi was the perfect way of combining the two as he wanted.

At the end of the game, after Lauren spent a long time trying to get through the tough levels, appears a little avatar figure of Austin reminding you how much he loves her and how special he feels to have her in his life, and it’s just then when he asks the question, “will you marry me.”

What makes this home video even more special is the constant movement of the unforgettable camera, something filmed by a boyfriend full of nerves, while all the while, hiding the ring behind the computer. The excited, emotional bride to be naturally becomes instantaneously emotional when she realises the importance of the moment. When love is present you can’t ignore it, feel free to show your boyfriend, so he can go making or picking ideas on how best to propose.

You can see more in an album created by Austin:

Foto/Vídeo vía: LA Pike

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