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  • A wedding proposal to tell the grandchildren, how to catch a proposal bouquet!

A wedding proposal to tell the grandchildren, how to catch a proposal bouquet!

What if, at the wedding of your best friend, your boyfriend decides to propose!? Prepare for your hairs to be on end.

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Do you love your best friend and bridesmaid as much as your other half? For many, their wedding day is a day to be centre of attention, all eyes on the bride and groom but whilst Chelsea and Tyler were celebrating the most important day of their lives, they wanted to say ”thank you” to one of their bridesmaids and her partner that was a once in a lifetime unforgettable ‘gift.’ We are not talking about the traditional giving of the bride’s bouquet here, although this was the prop used! Chelsea and Tyler agreed and assisted in the proposal at THEIR wedding of two friends that should have long ago tied the knot, to become engaged.


To the beat of “So in love with you” by Jake Etheridge, we are presenting one of the most romantic, hair raising marriage proposals that we have certainly ever seen. When the bride was preparing to perform the tradition of throwing the bouquet, to the next lucky single lady to get married, Chelsea decided to hand deliver the bouquet directly to one of her best friends, who knew nothing about the big secret that her partner had asked to propose to her during their wedding and at the exact time as throwing the bouquet.

Chelsea approaches her friend and turns her to her boyfriend who was kneeling in front of her and asked her, ring in hand in front of all the guests, creating an instant silence of suspense, to marry him. Making this a special time, day and moment for the bride and groom, their families and friends. 

The two-minute video captured by videographers Gold Hairpin Films are a compilation of details that complete a magical evening for Chelsea and Tyler, the newly wed couple who are embarking on a new adventure together. Be sure to see the look of surprise and excitement of the maid of honor and guests, that will leave you with goosebumps!


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