Proposal in Brazil: The 8 Most Romantic and Original Places to Pop the Question!

Going on holiday to Brazil and fancy popping the question while you're there? Here is our list of the romantic locations for a dreamy proposal. Make it memorable, make it romantic, and make it unique.

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A honeymoon is an unforgettable journey for couples, allowing them to spend quality time together before embarking on married life. Likewise, the ceremony is a reflection of the couple’s love for one another and the promises they vow to keep for the rest of their lives. But where does it all really begin? What is the transition between an engagement and a wedding? It’s the proposal! And as the place to pop the question is of great importance, we have selected some original and romantic locations in Brazil so that you have a unique and unforgettable proposal whilst in one of the most beautiful and historically-rich countries on our planet. Stay tuned….

Foto: Viajes Kuoni
Photo: Viajes Kuoni

1. Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, The Amazon

Manaus is a cosmopolitan city full of history. For the romantics: the Teatro Amazonas (Amazon Theatre), founded in 1896, is symbolic of the economic fortress of the State. With a museum, café and of course a stage, the impressive, neo-classical building in colonial pink is the perfect location for a proposal and a monumental occasion.

2. Itapua Beach in Salvador, Bahia

Of all the beaches in Salvador, this famous one is ideal to talk of love in the moonlight. Our suggestions: walking along the rocks together followed by sheltering from the sun under the high arches of the beautiful lighthouse. Then kneel down in the sand and take out the ring. “The sun that burns in Itapua.” It’s difficult to disagree with the poet Vinicius de Morães when you’re in love. Furthermore, Itapua is a sufficient distance from the centre so that you can have an intimate moment together.

Foto: Priscilla Valentina
Photo: Priscilla Valentina

3. Inhomtim in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais

This is for lovers of art. Situated in the town of Brumadinho, between the end of Macizo de Tuercespino and the start of West Junta in Minas Gerais. This institute carries out the dream of businessman Bernado Paz from Mello, who started out with just a private collection in 1980.

It became an organisation of the Civil Society for public interest in 2002 and was available to the public in 2006. Since then its become a popular site for many reasons: it has a botanical garden, outdoor exhibitions, contemporary architecture, and free areas that can be used for exhibitions and events. It has a romantic feel for lovers who also have a passion for art. The area is really spectacular.

4. Saco do Mamanga in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro.

An interesting choice is Saco do Mamanga, not only for its impressive scenery, but also as it harbours the house that was used in the background of the Twilight sagas. That’s why this is the place to be.

Foto: Viajes Kuoni
Photo: Viajes Kuoni

 5. Centro Cultural Burle Marx in Barra de Guaratiba,  Rio de Janeiro

This is outside of the common circle of activities that are known in Rio, and you have to have an appointment if you want to visit. As all the visits are guided and designed for small groups, its perfect for those that want to pop the question amongst friends and family in a party setting.

In 1681 the house belonged to a man who built chapel next to it, in dedication of Saint Anthony. This was restored by order of Burle Marx and is the perfect place for a proposal as well as a wedding ceremony. For those that prefer a more modern atmosphere, there are two different residences with patios and an impressive combination of contemporary art, architecture and exquisite scenery.

6. Terraza del Edificio Martinelli in São Paulo Capital

This is the tallest building of the first skyscrapers built in Latin America. Its construction began in 1924 and was completed in 1929.

After a dark period in the 60s and 70s, it was bought by IPHAN and now houses municipal offices. Guided tours are frequently available and the terrace can be rented for special events.

Foto: Priscilla Valentina
Photo: Priscilla Valentina

7. A private beach in Ilhabela,  São Paulo

The most famous island on the coast of São Paulo offers a range of activities, and was described by America Vespucio in 1502 as the closest thing to heaven on earth.

84% of its rain forest has been preserved and it offers a number of different lodgings, hotels and houses to rent for all different tastes. It’s a small town with only 37,000 inhabitants but over 100,000 visitors in holiday seasons. It has also featured in many films and campaigns. For example Walther Hugo Khouri loves to use the island’s mansions as part of his plots.

Around Ilhabela is an archipelago with some small beaches that you can only reach by boat. You can rent a boat and pop the question on one of these deserted islands. Your very own private paradise!

8. MON Museo Oscar Nyemeyer in Curitiba, Paraná

It is one of the most welcoming cities in the country. It is mainly home to different groups of immigrants, so is a multicultural explosion.

Museo Oscar Nyemeyer is one of the most important contemporary art museums in the world, with more than 26,000 square meters of constructed area. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Brazil, conveyed in its scenic gardens that show off the style of the Brazilian architect.

The mix of natural curves and straight lines are characteristic of the beautiful location and it has a number of spots, which, with its perfect ambience, would be ideal to pop the question. You can also hire jazz bands or arrange a flashmob made up of all your friends… or it can remain as an intimate moment for you and your loved one.

Foto: Weddings Art
Photo: Weddings Art

So there you have our selection of the 8 Best Places to Propose in Brazil! Brazil is a great place to get engaged because it is famous for romance and passion – the food, the weather and the national football team are all examples of just how hot things can get in Brazil! Why not go all out and make your proposal the most memorable moment of your pre-marriage relationship?

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