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A completely unforgettable marriage proposal, who'd have thought post-its would be so useful during a proposal?

Discover one of the most unique and romantic proposals of the year, who'd have thought post it notes could be useful and romantic?

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This amazing, unique and very carefully prepared and planned proposal, which could easily appear as an advertising campaign for ‘Post-it’ notes is actually a marriage proposal that will be recorded and remembered for a long time to come. Don’t you wish for an equally dreamy and romantic proposal that your future husband would do for you?

The video begins with a Korean couple entering a restaurant, then suddenly the groom disappears….it quickly becomes a big surprise when the groom makes a call to his girlfriend and ask her to look out of the window from where she is sat at the building with glass windows fro top to bottom. All of a sudden, 250 people divided into three floors that then light up, are challenged to place millions of post-it notes on the windows to draw a heart with the world’s most beautiful message instead: Soojung you marry me?

Soojung, alost imediately and without control starts to cry with tears of surprise and joy. and I must say that this was a super original way to propose as it was during the Korean romantic festive in most Asian countries. March 14th is the ‘white day’ exactly one month after Valentines day and tradition dictates that women should give romantic gifts to men on February 14th and one month after men should return the favor on White Day….and what better gift, a proposal, diamond ring and in the most romantic and unique way.

The video closes with a  handwritten post-it saying ‘OK?’ and Soojuny being presented a beautiful bouquet and 250 ‘accomplices’ that enabled this super cute proposal, clapping as they celebrate a job well done.

Photo/vídeo vía: Post-It Youtube

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