Beautiful Wedding Rings

  • Gemmyo, ARIANE PAVÉE.
  • Navas Joyeros, ALIANZA 4.
  • Navas Joyeros, PENHALTA 25.
  • Navas Joyeros, DUYOS 9.
  • Suarez, AL9110-00D.
  • Tiffany & Co, TIFFANY HARMONY.
  • Leo Pizzo, 25227F.
    • Belancy, YANIS DIAMANT.
    • Belancy, FÉLICIE OR BLANC.
    • Belancy, ELIANE OR BLANC.
    • Belancy, LUNELIA OR ROSE.
    • Belancy, EMELINE.
    • Belancy, NOÉMIE OR BLANC.
    • Cartier, N4249900.
    • Belancy, ANAS.
    • Belancy, NOÉ.
    • Gemmyo Paris, ATALANTE.
    • Gemmyo Paris, GAILLON 1,5MM.
    • Gemmyo, GAILLON 3MM.
    • Leo Pizzo, 17421DQ.
    • Cartier, B4031200.
  • [ALT] 14+

Wedding rings. Is there anything that symbolises a marriage union more?

A circle with no beginning and no end is something so simple yet so special that is exchanged between couples during their wedding ceremony. This tradition takes us back to the ancient Egyptians who wore rings made of leaves and reeds which were twisted into decorative ornaments to be worn on fingers. The Romans adopted a similar tradition of exchanging rings, not for decorative purposes but to mark their territory by offering a ring to their “woman” as a symbol of ownership. This is believed to have started what we know today as the tradition of exchanging wedding rings during a marriage ceremony.

Rings nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, colours and with or without stones. With such a wide variety of beautiful rings available, we wanted to show you some of our favorites.

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