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The most magical wedding dance in history, don't get caught in their Spell of love!

The best magic trick that we have ever seen at a wedding reception. Take a look to try and guess how this loved up couple 'put a love spell' on one another.

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The guests attending the wedding of this couple knew that a magical night was expected, but when the wedding included a professional magician, no one could believe what they all saw.

The groom, Justin Willman is known all over social media thanks to his talent and YouTube videos. Their interactions in social media has resulted in performing on American programs like ‘The Ellen’ ‘DeGeneres Show’ and ‘Conan’ which all require great acting skills and magic talent, but what he set up with his wife on their wedding day is something that left every guest blown away.

In an outdoor ceremony, which began with the couple dancing it soon became a great show. Justin begins by giving a rose to his wife that was hidden under the chair he sat on, his wife then performed a dance routine around him which finished with him slowly bending her backwards and kissing her lips. The performance then reaches its most special moment when the couple dance along to the rhythm of the song “I put a spell on you” by Jay Hawkins. Jill managed to impress the guests, when she levitated her boyfriend as if it was a spell and she walks around to demonstrate the greatness of the act that requires flexibility, strength and magic.

The guests already knew it would be a great moment of the night but were still surprised to see him hovering over the dance floor and demonstrate a well performed magic trick. Social media has been amazed by the video which was published on Justin’s YouTube channel, he managed to hit more than 5 million views in its first five days, and we still cannot figure out how the trick works, even if we watch the video again and again to try to find out how they did it.

Photo and video:  Justin Willman Youtube

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