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Tips For Growing Your Instagram Followers And Increasing Their Engagement

Constant work, organisation, and an eye for detail will help you to increase your followers. Here are some tips which might help you boost your visibility on Instagram.

Tips For Growing Your Instagram Followers And Increasing Their Engagement
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You have an Instargam were you post your business updates and expert advice, but your followers and engagement has become stagnant. If you are having some troubles, these tips might help you increase your visibility on the platform and allow you to connect with more couples and other wedding professionals online.

Use Instagram Highlights Wisely

Instagram Highlights

Do not make your viewers and followers scroll to the bottom of your feed to view your content: use Instagram’s highlights feature to organise your best content. That way, your work will appear at the top of your feed and couples will be able to spot them. Play up your offerings, the trends of the season, your past work and more! We recommend you use about 5 to 6 highlights, and that you use icons to illustrate them.

Tag Other Instagram Accounts

Tag other accounts

You should tag all providers that participated in generating the content you are publishing. This helps you generate more visibility, reposts and a feeling of unity with other professionals just like you.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

You will reach more feeds and followers when using hashtags. Hash-tagging is the SEO for Instagram, so you reach people looking for certain wedding keywords when you add hashtags. Do not go overboard, but try to do some searches in your niche and region to see what other vendors are using.

Use Geolocation Tags When Posting Content

For weddings, locations are key. Full wedding stories are told when we geo tagging, and it helps couples find relevant content when they search venues via map. If you are a wedding venue, it is very important you use this. For other providers, go-tagging even just a city is a must.

Be Consistent When Posting New And Great Content

Instagram feed

Post at least 4-5 times a week. When posting new content, you should make it an everyday job. When you are consistent when building your brand, you establish a more serious relationship with your followers, thus connecting with couples that are looking to connect with you online before sealing a deal with you. Remember to not use watermarks on your photos, or overuse Instagram filters. Focus on quality and consistency.


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