Bridal hair & makeup: Perfect combinations for 2015

Bridal hair & makeup: Perfect combinations for 2015

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There are so many different options when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It all depends on the style that you’re looking for and more importantly your actual hair length/style and what can be done with it. Bridal hair is nothing if it isn’t perfectly combined with your wedding make-up. We want to show you some key looks to help you achieve the best results when matching your hair to your make-up or vice-versa. Different styles for different brides from Pin Up and bohemian to rustic, vintage or glam-chic.

Whether you have blonde, brunette or red hair, and whether your skin tone is fair, olive or dark we’ve got a few options combining casual hair or an up-do with certain colour tones for your make-up and examples on how to add in the best accessories for your big day.

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