Decoration for your terrific 2016 wedding! Be inspired by our gallery of details and decor

Remember, it is the attention to detail that never goes over looked. Every wedding needs to be complimented with the decor, colour or theming. So take a look at our 2016 ideas.

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If you are in the middle of brainstorming ideas for your wedding and need a little inspiration, we can help you with a gallery full of ideas. You don’t know what kind of decorations to use to create the WOW factor or a stunning candle lit pathway, a collection of carefully selected and popular decorative do’s and don’ts are right here at your finger tips.

Open your mind to new and different possibilities so you can have the dream wedding that others literally dream of, with decoration unique and original that will take your guests by surprise. Inide or out, destination or country chic, take a look at some of our suggestions to get you on track and not lost in the woods.

Among the inspirational selection, you will see that some of the decorative items can be re used to make an even more unique and wonderful wedding ambience. Perfect and effective things to consider for this are flowers, antique items, furniture of natural wood,  vases, candles and of course colored pompomsNot forgetting the decoration of chairs, we have seen a real boom in the way people decorate every little detail tying the wedding theme, colour and final image together.

As we all know, the wedding dress and bride is the catch of the day, all our eyes, or for at least most of the day will be on her however, that is not enough. In this gallery we want to offer you a range of ideas for you to decorate your ceremony for your upcoming wedding in 2016, whether your celebration takes place on the beach, in the mountains, in the garden or a palace? Each of these options are different and in some way unique, so get yourself lost in a haven of art, creative decor and loveliness with our gallery of inspiration.

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