Love Conquers All. After Over 50 Years Together, this Couple Demonstrates the Meaning of "Real Love"

Discover the emotive video of this lovely couple and their beautiful love song.

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Laura, 93, is terminally ill, yet the words of affection from her husband Howard, 92, through a love song, will be enough to reignite the spark of their love for each other.

Laura and Howard have been married for 73 years, and still fall in love with each other every day like it’s their first, despite the fact she is terminally ill in hospital. When saying goodbye to their loved ones, Howard unexpectedly surprises Laura with a very romantic moment. Sadness and love fill the room when Howard gets up from his wheelchair to sing a very personal and special song to his wife.

“You’ll never know” by Rosemary Clooney with Harry James is the couple’s favourite song. On their 50th wedding anniversary in the renewal of their vows, the couple sang together in duet. To this day, the song is always being hummed and remembered at family gatherings, choosing this version by the similarity of the voice of the singer and Laura.

There comes a moment when Laura is too weak to continue singing and when Howard sings alone, while stroking her face and even giving her a kiss. The family have to repeat what Howard says for Laura to hear him, and even though she cannot see, it is true, and shows that love conquers all. Love goes beyond the moment, it is a love for posterity and a love that all we want to have in our lives.

Erin Solari, the granddaughter of both, cannot help but want to save and share this beautiful moment, and therefore publishes it on a Youtube channel, receiving millions of views in its first week on social media. The support has helped this family accept the situation and reminds them to enjoy every moment with loved ones. Everyone is doing their utmost to help take care of Laura, who has returned home with her husband.

Photo/vídeo  Erin Solari Youtube


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