Let the experts at Shanti Travel design your honeymoon to Indonesia!

Let the experts at Shanti Travel design your honeymoon to Indonesia!

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Honeymoon or trip of a lifetime, whatever you call it, if you’re looking for the trip of your dreams we want to tell you about Shanti Travel. When it comes to booking a honeymoon, you want to celebrate your newly married status in the best way possible. You want romance, you want thrills and you want crystal clear waters. You want to bring back incredible memories that will mark the first steps of your life as a married couple and you want the travel experts to take care of everything.

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For your tailor-made honeymoon, look no further than Shanti Travel

We want to introduce you to Alexis, travel expert for the Shanti Travel office in Indonesia, a local French agency creating bespoke trips for the past 10 years in Asian countries such as India, Tibet, Bhutan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal and of course magical Indonesia. Based in beautiful Bali, Alexis creates unique honeymoons for couples who want something really out of the ordinary.

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Indonesia, a real paradise – Shanti Travel

The Indonesian archipelago has over 18,000 islands that give you an endless choice of stunning destinations. A well hidden paradise whose protected seabed offers breathtaking flora and fauna for locals and tourists to admire and enjoy.

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What could be better than a personalised trip to Bali? – Shanti Travel

Shanti Travel guarantees a customised honeymoon in Bali completely tailored according to your wishes. They will start by discussing your personal tastes and desires for adventure, or perhaps you prefer the privacy of a white sandy island or the authenticity of a quaint local village. Everyone’s tastes are different and you may want to experience various locations on your trip. Shanti Travel will arrange a route that suits you and your preferences.

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Shanti Travel can create a beautiful honeymoon off the beaten track

When it comes to choosing an authentic route, Alexis can arrange a romantic dinner in the middle of rice fields with a magical blessing of your marriage. You can alternate nights on the deck of a boat off Komodo under the stars or in a boutique hotel in Ubud, where luxury and refinement are waiting for you. You can choose the tranquility of deserted beaches off the island of Lombok, or discover the area around the Batur volcano in a sporty convertible. With Shanti Travel, anything is possible!

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For your honeymoon in Indonesia, contact Alexis, travel expert at Shanti Travel

You can rest assured that you will be met at your local airport by one of the team and they will remain at your disposal throughout your trip. Want to stay longer or change your itinerary? They can also help make these changes for you.

Aside from Indonesia, Shanti Travel offers many other honeymoon locations in India and Asia. Timeless and unique destinations such as Bhutan, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka and Burma. Contact Shanti Travel today and start planning the honeymoon of a lifetime!

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