Top tips for the perfect Bridal Makeup: Makeup by Jenni gives us her bridal beauty secrets!

Makeup By Jenni brings us her top tips to make sure you choose the best Bridal Makeup Artist to get your perfect look for the big day!

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Looking nothing less than absolutely gorgeous is high on the wish list for brides to be! So finding that all important bridal makeup artist is a big priority. When it comes down to it, some brides see hiring a professional to do their makeup for the big day as just an added expense. But let´s face it, this day will be cemented in photographs for years to come and if there was a day when your makeup really matters; this is it! And whatsmore, starting off the day being pampered with a cool glass of bubbly is the perfect way to calm those pre-wedding jitters! When choosing your bridal makeup artist it´s important you know what´s out there and so to help navigate the field, Award winning Bridal Makeup Artist, Makeup By Jenni, shares her top tips to help you lovely ladies make the right choice!

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Makeup By Jenni

1. When should I book?

We all know that there´s a lot of organisation and planning that goes into a wedding, and although makeup may not be a top priority, if it is something that´s important to you, don´t leave it to the last minute! “A lot of clients are surprised when I say that brides book up to 2 years in advance but being organised is key. Once you have your date and venue, begin securing your next priorities as soon as you can find them.” Just like any part of the planning process, finding the right makeup artist is going to take some time. But just like any wedding pofessional, makeup artisits fill up their calendars pretty darn fast! So if you’ve found the one, you need to strike whilst the iron is hot and book them up pronto! 

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Photography Credits: Martin C Photography, Makeup By Jenni

2. Research

Having said that though, don´t choose the first one you stumble across. “Search the internet! Use Google, magazines and wedding blogs.” You may think you know your way around a makeup bag and so surely it can´t be that hard to mess up, right? And hey, for an every day look you´ve probably got it down. But for a perfect wedding day look, you want your makeup to stay looking intact and fresh even through those emotional wedding speeches! So make sure you shop around to find someone who knows what they´re doing! A true professional will know what works, and how to match colourings to personal styles. It´s worth taking that little bit of extra time to make sure you find a makeup artist that you can be sure will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, (pardon the pun) and will have you feeling confident throughout the whole day!

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Photography Credits: Lifeline Photography, Makeup By Jenni

3. Delve

If the first glance is looking promising, don´t stop there. “If you like the look of the website, delve further looking at the makeup artist’s portfolio. Does the makeup artist have lots of bridal experience? Are the looks varied?” Don´t be distacted by the pretty pictures– if all the brides have the same skin type, then you need to make sure it matches with yours. “One look doesn’t fit all so ensure the looks compliment each bride and show expertise across a variety of skin tones.”

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Photography Credits: Geoff Kirby, Makeup By Jenni

4. Recommendations

If a makeup artist has raving reviews, it´s probably for a reason– word of mouth travels fast! “Ask friends and family for recommendations. Also, if you’ve booked a supplier already why not ask them too? ” The world of weddings is very closely linked, and if you already have a great florist or photographer, chances are they know a lot of other great people who can help make your day truly wonderful. “Photographers, hairstylists and venues all meet excellent makeup artists on a regular basis and will be able to make some recommendations to you.”

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Makeup By Jenni

5. Get in touch

You need to get a clear idea of what your makeup-artist-to-be is like, and the only way to do this, is to get in touch with them! “Once you’ve found 3 or 4 makeup artists that you like the look of, get in touch. Ask lots of questions; Email or call. You may also want to request a Skype chat or meeting in person.” It´s really important you don´t just like their style, but that you like them too. After all this person, is going to be working on your face on one of the most important days of your life, and chances are you may be a tad stressed up. You’ll be getting super up close and personal with your makeup artist, so it´s super important you like them!

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Photography Credits: Lifeline Photography, Makeup By Jenni

6. Products

“Which makeup brands does your makeup artist use?” If you have certain go-to products you know you want to keep using, make sure you check your makeup artist uses them! Just because they´re a professional, it doesn´t mean their products are the right ones for you, and the last thing you want is to be trying out new products in the run up to the big day! Equally, “Look for top quality products to make your day extra special.” Most professionals will use the top quality brands, and after all, this is the big day so you want nothing less than the best!

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Makeup By Jenni

7. The process

“Ask how the process works. Is there a deposit? Is there a trial included in your quote? What should you expect on the day.” Make sure you know exactly how the process is going to be handled. Most makeup artists will provide a contract so both parties know exactly what to expect. It´s also a really great way to know exactly what is included– do you need to pay extra for members of the bridal party, and for trials or is there already a package that offers this? Figure out what is important to you and get all the details sorted before the big day so everything runs smoothly!

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Photography Credits, Holly Booth, Makeup By jenni

8. Excellent service

“Look for excellent service and a makeup artist that offers that little bit more. Your wedding morning is a special part of the day preparing you for marriage. A makeup artist that is on hand until your depart will help to make your morning relaxed and you’ll look perfect despite any last minute nerves.”

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Makeup By Jenni

9. The trial

A trial run is a really important idea! Not only does it give you a chance to make any big changes or minor adjustments. It might be an idea to plan your trial run for the same day as your engagement shoot as then you can test out how well your look holds in photos! Finding out all of the details of your day including style and colour themes to ensure your look compliments perfectly. Ask your makeup artist for tips on preparing your skin ahead of your wedding day and for any product recommendations.” During the trial, everything should be written down and recorded so you can make sure on the actual day the look is replicated to perfection! “On the day of the trial a great makeup artist will take the time to have an in depth consultation with you prior to applying your makeup.” This is also a great opportunity to try out timings so you know how much prep time you´ll have to leave for the big day!

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Makeup By Jenni

10. Be open

Being open and honest with your makeup artist about your likes and dislikes will help you to achieve the perfect look for you. Make up is so personal to each individual. One woman’s perception of a natural look may be different to another womans and EVERY woman without exception has something in their makeup that they like to be a very specific way! Whether that be eyebrows, lashes or foundation… letting your makeup artist know what you like will be the key to you looking flawless and feeling like a polished version of you on your wedding day.

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Photography Credits: Emma Cleveley Photography, Makeup By Jenni

So there we have it, Makeup By Jenni´s top tips for choosing your make up artist! Find out more information about how to book Makeup By Jenni here!

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