Top London wedding photographers for your picture perfect wedding day!

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, you’ll want to remember your special day for years to come! To help make things a little easier for you, we’ve selected our top London wedding photographers: all working in different styles that can be adapted to your budget and personal preference. They´re all wonderful and incredibly flexible, with most offering engagement shoots first to get a feel for their style and allow you to be comfortable in front of the camera for your big day!

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Sanshine Photography

Sanshine’s Photography is best described as ‘natural light artistry’ predominantly using natural light to enhance the beauty of the world and people. Her approach to wedding and engagement photography is very emotion-centric as she believes that there is no picture more beautiful than one of someone in love.

Sanshine PhotgraphyLearn more about “Sanshine Photgraphy”
Sanshine Photography

Matt Badenoch

One of the words Matt lives and works by is ‘moments,’ it is the real and emotional moments shared between family and friends on such a special day that makes it so unique. From the arrival of the bride, or a guest stripping off on the dance floor…to the fleeting moments that go unnoticed by everyone else (a touch or a glance).

Matt Badenoch PhotographyLearn more about “Matt Badenoch Photography”
Matt Badenoch Photography

John Erskine Photography

John´s aim as a wedding photographer is to document your day in a compelling and stylish way; putting you at ease, catching people at their natural best, organising group photos, and capturing the moments of sheer joy and emotion. Unobtrusive whenever possible yet always there.

John Erskine PhotographyLearn more about “John Erskine Photography”
John Erskine Photography

Bellissima Photography

Bellissima showcase their photographic style as a blend of photojournalism and contemporary photography with a dash of dramatic lighting. Their love for interacting with people comes across is their care-free and fun photographs that truly capture the essence of your big day.

Bellissima PhotoLearn more about “Bellissima Photo”
Bellissima Photo

Janis Ratnieks

Janis Ratnieks Photography, are a team of multi award-winning photographer and retouchers renowned for their high-end wedding imagery and producing the finest wedding photographs without compromise.

Janis RatnieksLearn more about “Janis Ratnieks”
Janis Ratnieks

Kate Nielen

Fine art wedding photography inspired by love, light and beauty, photographing your wedding as an artist to document your special day leaving no detail or moment unseen.

Kate Nielen PhotographyLearn more about “Kate Nielen Photography”
Kate Nielen Photography

Ed Peers Photography

Whenever Ed has a camera in hand he is seeking something simple, natural, beautiful and authentic to shoot. His aim is to use photographs to piece together a story that captures the true atmosphere, emotion, location and everything else that makes you and your wedding special and unique.

Ed Peers PhotgraphyLearn more about “Ed Peers Photgraphy”
Ed Peers Photgraphy

Nick Rose Photography

Nick Rose´s style is fresh and relaxed and he keep things simple and with one main objective: to tell your story as the day unfolds, leaving you with amazing memories from your day to look back on and cherish forever.

Nick Rose PhotographyLearn more about “Nick Rose Photography”
Nick Rose Photography

Alexis Jaworski

Alexis Jaworski captures your wedding day in a creative and genuine style, without prompting or interfering.  He concentrates on capturing real moments and emotions, to give you photos which tell the story as it moves from start to finish, and all those special bits inbetween.

Alexis Jaworski PhotographyLearn more about “Alexis Jaworski Photography”
Picture taken by: Alexis Jaworski Photography


Photojournalists like stories, and stories about people in particular!! So documenting and telling the love story of a wedding in this way seems the most obvious and way to do it. He does not interfere or direct you nor does he shoot a list of cheesy poses, all you have to do is enjoy the day the way you imagined it.

Docuwedding PhotographyLearn more about “Docuwedding Photography”
Docuwedding Photography

Ali Paul

Ali Paul Photography work on capturing emotions and moments that you can only get from photographing people and during the wedding day, surrounded by your nearest and dearest is the best time and place to be able to do this.

Ali Paul PhotographyLearn more about “Ali Paul Photography”
Ali Paul Photography

Lightworks photography

A photographer feeling as fresh and creative during the morning preparations as they do during the dancing really bodes well and is reflected in your images when Lightworks are snapping your love story.

Lightworks PhotographyLearn more about “Lightworks Photography”
Lightworks Photography

David Jones

At David Jones Photography, they work to tell your love story through unposed, unobtrusive, unique imagery. In other words, they don’t say cheese… Just snap timeless reportage photography, with an emphasis on observation rather than participation, creating your story through those captured and unseen moments that take place on your special day.

David Jones PhotgraphyLearn more about “David Jones Photgraphy”
David Jones Photgraphy

Claudia Rose Carter

Claudie Rose Carter supplies artistic wedding photography and endeavors to shoot each event with a fresh eye. She boasts a truly creative and unique perspective and captures the real moments so you can treasure every part of your special day forever.

Claudia Rose CarterLearn more about “Claudia Rose Carter”
Claudia Rose Carter

Peter Lane Photography

Peter Lane believes that a wedding is a balanced mix of documentary, portrait and also a chnace to show off everyone in their Sunday best! His team´s goal is to provide beautiful imagery using the time efficiently so you can have more time for your friends and guests, and ensuring your day is captured in the best way it can be!

Peter Lane PhotographyLearn more about “Peter Lane Photography”
Peter Lane Photography

Every photographer has their own style, but you can be sure that whichever you choose, your special day will be captured in a way that will enable you to treasure and savour it for years to come.

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