Raise Your Voice: 5 Reasons Brides Make Great Speeches

Credits: Oliveromg
Credits: Oliveromg

For months, sometimes even years, brides across the world plan their wedding day and then, when the day comes, the groom stands and thanks the party on behalf of the happy couple. Current trends show that more and more women are taking the floor, breaking with tradition and making a speech for themselves. Who says we should leave it to the boys? As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March the 8th, why not ignore tradition, raise your voice and leave your audience in awe as you, the bride, utter the words “on behalf of my husband/wife and I…”?  Zankyou considers 5 reasons why brides make great speeches.

1. You’ve Lived and Breathed This Wedding 

For couples everywhere, weddings can take over their lives and get particularly stressful. Whilst making a speech, a bride can offer a unique perspective into her wedding experience. Be it funny, poignant, emotional or sarcastic, sharing the story of your wedding with your friends and family can be deeply personal and having the views of the bride can be a refreshing alternative.

REMEMBER- Whilst making your speech, refrain from regurgitating the points made by your partner or other orators. When it comes to public speaking, short and sweet truly is the key to success. Don’t overdo your point or you’ll run the risk of losing the attention of your audience. Say what you have to say and you’ll be at your most effective.


Credits: Monkey Business Images
Credits: Monkey Business Images


2. You Can Do It For The Girls (and your groom!) 

Men are expected to take to the floor, raise a laugh, make the bride feel special and even get a tear from the parents. This is a lot to ask for, particularly if the groom in question is shy and retiring or struggles with public speaking. If you’re the more confident speaker, don’t let expectations and stereotypes shape the format of your wedding. People enjoy a well written speech, regardless of who delivered it. Plus, if it eases the pressure on the quiet groom, you’re onto a winner.

REMEMBER- Prepare! Before the big day, be sure to jot your ideas down on paper and know what you’re going to say in advance. Winging it really is not a good idea, regardless of how candid it sounds to speak the first words and true feelings that spring to mind. Chances are that if you do so, you’ll forget the important things you wanted to say in the first place.

3. It’s Your Chance To Be Original 

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to express your personality as a couple. When people expect things of you, what can be more joyful than surprising them and doing something a little different? History shows us that women are expected to look beautiful and be silent on their day as the men shower them with compliments and do all of the talking. Brides making speeches quashes all that society knows with regards to weddings and allows couples to be unique and original. Take the chance and let your groom feel special, tell him how much you love him, make him blush in front of his friends and family and do exactly what was not expected!

REMEMBER- Whilst addressing your family and friends, just be yourself. Sure, people like a giggle but don’t try too hard to raise a laugh. You want to seem comfortable and in turn, put your audience at ease. Adopt a tone that reflects you and your personality.

Credits: Yeko Photo Studio
Credits: Yeko Photo Studio

4. You Can Be the Unexpected 

When tackling the task of writing the speech, brides will often think of the not-s0-obvious people and things to mention. These small and seemingly pointless details can elevate a speech and make it really special for someone who didn’t expect to be mentioned. For grooms, best men and fathers, there is a certain etiquette and check list of people to mention and thank. An etiquette for  brides isn’t really in existence,  so let your imagination run free and be original.

REMEMBER- Think outside the box! Was there someone who really helped you along the way?

5. We Want To Hear Your Stories 

Everyone wants to know how the groom feels about the bride and this is usually done by the groom telling witty tales, funny anecdotes and romantic musings. Women everywhere are now seizing the moment to break their expected silence on the day and tell the stories they think are important.

REMEMBER- The wedding day is a celebration of the union of two people, you and your partner, so you’re allowed to be as emotional as you like. Don’t feel like you have to say certain things to impress certain people. Say what’s really on your mind, share the stories you want to share and most of all, enjoy the moment.

Credits: Oliveromg
Credits: Oliveromg

After years of tradition, expectations and conventions, 2015 is the year to do the absolute opposite! It’s your chance to raise your voice and be heard on the day you’ve worked so hard to make sure happens. Above all, do what feels right for you as a pair. If your partner isn’t comfortable, take to the mike and speak for them. The beauty of this is how relaxed and personal the day will feel for you as a couple. Embrace this new custom and most of all, enjoy it.

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