The Top 5 Makeup Artists in the North East

Makeup can be a critical component of your wedding day - make sure you're hiring the best of the best with our guide to the most skilled makeup artists based in the North East of England.

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Makeup has the power to make or break a look, and so for an occasion as important as your wedding day, it’s absolutely vital that you have someone with skill and a steady hand in charge. It’s not just a case of your makeup artist being able to do a perfect flicked wing either – they have to understand colour composition, and know how to match your natural skin tone, your hair, your eyes and your outfit to what you put on your face. Additionally, they have to understand duration, how to do light touch-ups, and to ensure that your makeup is perfectly suited to the camera (which will be everywhere during your big day!).


It’s a big job, with a lot of responsibility, and so we’re here to make sure you’re looking to the best of the best. Scroll down to check out the work of some of the most highly-coveted makeup artists based in the North East of England!

Kitty Kerry

Kitty is a MAC certified makeup artist who has been running her own business for eight years. With professional training under her belt, her makeup skills are 100% assured – and there’s no better proof of this than her online portfolio, which exemplifies her ability to blend eyeshadow perfectly, and apply a confident coat of lipstick at every occasion.

Kitty applies her makeup with a feather-like touch to ensure maximum comfort and movement for all of her clients, and is happy to travel to ensure that a bride gets the best treatment on the morning of her wedding. She can apply a classic look, or a more extravagant one – dependent entirely on what the bride wants!

Photo via Kitty Kerry
Photo via Kitty Kerry

Laura Mac

Laura Mac understands colour. Her portfolio is a veritable goldmine for any bride wanting to experiment with a different shade of eyeshadow or a bolder lip colour, but without losing that much-desired bridal elegance. Laura’s talent allows her to match skin tone and makeup perfectly, and she specialises in creating a unique look for every client.

Laura also has a prized skill for ensuring that any look she creates is long-lasting, and will endure an entire wedding day. Additionally, Laura not only provides her makeup services for the bride, but for the bride’s mother, and for her bridemaids, and makes all of her clients feel at ease straight away (a powerful tool on the morning of a wedding!).

Photo: Michael Cartwright
Photo: Natalie Pluck

Victoria Holdstock

With eight years of experience in the makeup industry, Victoria is both highly trained and very versatile. Priding herself on tailoring her work for each and every bride, she believes in fomenting a friendly collaboration between herself and her client so each and every one of them can feel flawless on their wedding day.

From her impressive portfolio, it is clear that Victoria has a talent for making makeup look effortless – she captures the essence of a bride’s natural beauty, using makeup to enhance and to highlight, but never to mask. She concentrates on creating a subtle contour, and works with lighter colours to illuminate the skin – meaning her brides are never anything less than radiant!

Photo: Eye of the Tyne Photography
Photo: Katy Melling Photography

Anna Cordelia Mason

Anna’s makeup business is founded on the principle of creating an audacious, singular aesthetic for every bride. With an artistic flair extending beyond the usual conception of the traditional bridal look, Anna looks to experiment with colour and style, with palettes that are both shocking and chic. For any bride looking for a distinctive appearance on her wedding day, there is no need to keep searching.

However, Anna also works with more classical looks, and is happy to provide for any client based on what they may prefer. Her wedding portfolio helps to emphasise her adaptability, and show off her talents with transforming appearances.

Photo via CordeliaCo
Photo via CordeliaCo

Dani Mua

Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Dani Mua’s skills lie in the realm of subtlety. Her gentle application, and use of a warm, flesh-tone palette means that her brides look as natural as possible on their big day – but with an additional radiant glow that lasts the entire day. She expertly matches her clients’ skin tone to nude bases, and focuses on detailing around the eye.

Dani’s online portfolio shows off her array of talent, ensuring that brides look and feel like themselves on their wedding day, but with an extra little boost of confidence that comes from being looked after by such an experienced makeup artist.

Photo: Mark Jobson
Photo: White Leaf Photography

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