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A selection of London's TOP Wedding Florists - Prepare to fall in love with flowers

Discover a selection of creative, experienced and professional wedding florist. Here is our selection of some of the TOP London florists to help you decide both who and what to have at your wedding!

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Flowers always have a special and meaningful significance at weddings, but where did the trend, fashion and love for floral decor come from? Way back when, in the nineteenth century it was Queen Victoria who married Prince Albert of Saxony and she introduced floral decor at her wedding. As she maintained the longest serving reign than any other female British Monarch, she of course inspired and helped flowers become fashionable.


Different flowers, colours, scents, arrangements and even the season have a different meaning and romantic, magical connotation that influence the selection of flowers at weddings. If you think about it, they are the fourth detail of planning a wedding that is organised, and that makes them a priority!

With their importance in mind and the role they play in the final decision about a colour and decorative theme at your wedding, we want to help you discover some of the best with a selection of 10 of the top florists in London. We introduce to you some of the most unique, inspiring and experienced florists, to help you whittle your choice down.

Hayford & Rhodes

Hayford & RhodesLearn more about “Hayford & Rhodes”
Hayford & Rhodes

 A family run florist, Hayford & Rhodes, where three sisters share their mutual passion for flowers, and share that love and passion with the wedding world. The team consists of family and friends and their creations are arranged by talented and professional individuals who focus on unique and original ideas to deliver the most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful bride.

Phillipa Craddock

Phillipa Craddock Learn more about “Phillipa Craddock ”
Phillipa Craddock

Phillipa Craddock creates designs globally for weddings, parties, product launches and photo shoots. You can expect fun and inspiring flowers from a professional that also hosts a flower school whereby you can really get involved, learn how to arrange flowers yourself but also learn about their style and from their infamous experience and knowledge. In everything that is produced by Phillipa Craddock you will receive beauty, elegance and a sense of calm to every arrangement that they create.

Amanda Austin Flowers

Amanda Austin Learn more about “Amanda Austin ”
Amanda Austin

Amanda Austin offers a romantic and soft approach to your floral arrangements. Always portraying the beauty of the flower in a natural form, the creations are unique and personally inspired. Being a preferred supplier for various businesses and having an extensive portfolio of weddings, you can really rely on them for the wow factor with your bridal bouquet or divine decoration.


Mc Queens Flowers
Mc Queens Flowers

Looking for a vibrant injection of inspiration and colour, something classy and sophisticated, memorable and beautiful, then McQueens is your florist. The decoration ideas are endless and always unique, offering something very bespoke for every wedding that they turn their green fingers to. From table centres to vintage suitcase accessories they will transform and compliment your wedding in a truly floral way.

Dora Kovac

Dora KovacLearn more about “Dora Kovac”
Dora Kovac

Dora Kovac have a fabulous international focus, as they are a worldwide experienced team. Understanding a couples requirements, particularly if they are an international couple, you can count on Dora Kovac to produce the most wonderful smelling and lovely looking florals for your wedding day. Decorating venues and brides is what they do best, with a personal attitude, offering the most personal service.

Indeco Flowers

INDECO Learn more about “INDECO ”

You want something different, vibrant, unique, then Indeco are the florist for you. Not only is the final outcome simply amazing but the experience you can expect from a professional and experienced team is second to none. They have ideas that will take your mind to a secret garden haven. The personal one to one consultations leave you wanting a lot more than you originally thought, because the ideas and inspiration will excite you with what they can do with flowers for you.

Nikki Tibbles – Wild at Heart

Nikki Tibbles - Wild at Heart Learn more about “Nikki Tibbles - Wild at Heart ”
Nikki Tibbles – Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart, an experienced team of professional florists and designers offering an opulent and unique service to each individual couple that require that extra special something for their wedding. If you want to take your decoration to the next level and leave your guests with the wow factor as they enter the church and see perfect pew ends, or vibrant and detailed centre pieces then Wild at Heart are your florists.

Inwater Flowers

Inwater FlowersLearn more about “Inwater Flowers”
Inwater Flowers

Inwater Flowers offer the perfect combination between traditional and contemporary floral design. They have an eye for detail and are able to design and present something truly unique and romantic for your wedding floral decor. They work with props to enhance the beauty, height and effect of their flowers and so if you want something more, really outstanding and eye catching then look no further, you just found your florist.

Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet Pea FlowersLearn more about “Sweet Pea Flowers”
Sweet Pea Flowers

For nothing less than romantic and dreamy flowers to compliment your dream day, you must take a trip and visit Sweet Pea Flowers. They have a very original approach to floral decoration, appreciating the contribution and effect that the beauty of flowers adds to any wedding. From the scent to the arrangements, Sweet Pea Flowers have ideas and advice to really transform a normal bouquet to one that you will not want to put down, yet cherish forever.

We apologise in advance if you are now totally in love with each and every florist, we totally understand because they are all worth the love and attention that you are going to put into your wedding. The ideas, inspirations, colours, advice and expert knowledge is second to none and should you pick any one of these florist you can rest assured that your wedding will be memorable for lots more reasons than your wedding dress or crazy grandma dancing right up until the end!

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