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A unique and quality company that will make that every little bit of difference to the most important invitation you will send, and that your guests will receive.

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So who are Papershaker and what do they do? Well, they offer a pretty, impressive and extensive personalised invitation service, with over 100 designs of wedding cards available. Each collection of designs is available in several formats a6 cards, Spurl, panoramic, square and they cover all categories of cards from save the date, wedding invitations, RSVP to thank you cards. Their designers are inspired by the best and the latest trends in France as in other European countries. Every month they create dozens of new cards for wedding themed collections, traditional, elegant, Vintage, Modern and Floral.

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Each card design is individually unique and customisable in their design studio. The design can be modified to suit the style and the colour chosen for the wedding, text and photos can also be modified and added to meet the couples requirements. For each design, our designers have available a choice of illustrations in harmony with the style of design and illustrations that can be added to, moved or removed and the colour or texture background can also be changed. Photos can be enhanced with our online tool editing. PaperShaker create truly unique cards given to the particular style and theme of your wedding, which will not be found elsewhere.

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The Customer Service is available to answer all questions about orders or use of the site and so the customer is always looked after and made to feel really individual. Using FSC-certified papers and high quality printing techniques, they offer the choice between different textures from matte paper, varnished, textured ivory and iridescent colours including envelopes in white, blue, pink, beige and metallic.

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 They offer a sample service so that you can fully appreciate the quality of the product to ensure the most perfect creation is exactly how you imagine it to be. A wedding card sample kit can be ordered for free from our site. After customisation, each card is then ordered, and can be otpimised for digital computers and tablets, so that every card can be custom created from your office chair to the living room couch!

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If you would like more information or to contact Papershaker directly, please see to follow details in which to do so. They really are a unique and quality offering company that will make that every little bit of difference to the most important invitation you will send and your guests will receive.

Contact: Phone: 0811461585 or Email: sophie@papershaker.com

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