Add some unique photo fun to your 2016 wedding reception and capture every romantic moment!

As many happily-married couples will tell you, the big day can fly right on by! There’s so much going on and so many people to greet that it can be easy to get lost at your own wedding.  You’ve already booked your photographer to preserve the memories for years to come, but we’ve got some tips on how to capture those ephemeral moments and add some unique photo fun!

1. Collect your photos by creating your own Instagram #hashtag

Photo Credit: Cristophe Serrano
Photo : Christophe Serrano

What could be easier? Create your own Instagram hashtag, have friends and family upload their candid shots, and voilà! You’ve got a fun, funky accompaniment to the slick portraits and posed shots from your Wedding Photographer. Though many photographers capture great action shots, even the best professionals can’t be everywhere at once. If your venue has multiple rooms then it could be one of your guests who’s in the right place at the right time to capture one of those fleeting, special moments. Take advantage of our collective urge to share these important occasions and see your big day through the eyes of your friends and family!

 2. Use a Wedding Photo App

Photo: EverSnapp, WedPics and Capsule on Facebook
Photo: EverSnapp, WedPics and Capsule on Facebook

If it’s too late to let everyone know about your Wedding #Hashtag or most of your guests aren’t on Instagram, you could use a Wedding Photo App like WedPics, Capsule or Eversnap. Spread the word via email, text, instant messenger, Facebook and of course, your wedding party. For most apps, all guests have to do is download the app, snap a picture and hit ‘upload’. It’s so instantaneous and easy that your album will start to come online as soon as the reception kicks off.

 3. Make Instant Memories with Instant Film!

Photo : The Creative Shot
Photo : The Creative Shot

Skip the wedding favors and treat your guests to a unique gift: fun instant photos of themselves having a great time during your big day! Give them instant gratification and a fun photo favor they’ll treasure forever. Polaroid stopped production of their signature films, but the Impossible Project has taken over manufacturing for the 600 series cameras which are intuitive and easy to use. Though they’re still perfecting the formula for optimal development, the Impossible Project offers a range of different colors, finishes and fun frame styles. Another instant film option is the Fuji Film Instax-Mini camera series. These simple cameras instantly print wallet-sized pictures that make a perfect wedding keepsake that’s easy to take home. Something about the romance of these retro cameras helps people relax and be themselves in-front of the lens. Leave a camera and a couple packs of film at each table and watch your crowd go crazy with delight!

 4. Go big and rent a photo-booth

Photo: 35mm Fotografas
Photo: 35mm Fotografas

Recapture the madcap joy of childhood seaside holidays as you capture the faces of family and friends mugging for the camera. Photo-booths are a great addition to your reception; the multi-frame format and instant print-outs encourage your guests to have fun and let their hair down instead of reflexively cringing when the camera flash fires. As we’re all now constantly being photographed and photographing the minutia of our lives, the more cynical among us may feel like having their picture taken just isn’t much of a big deal anymore. However, a photo-booth is truly a special occasion! Far from something you see every day, it encourages people to get together and to get-in close for one-of-a-kind, unforgettable photos.

If you still haven’t chosen that all important wedding photographer, then check out some of our faves in London!

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