Make memories with these unique wedding guest books

Make memories with these unique wedding guest books

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As wonderful as a wedding day is, it’s over before you know it and all you’re left with is distant memories of the big day. You’ll want to capture every element of your wedding so you can look back in years to come and remind yourself of what was the most special day of your life.

There are many ways in which we can do this. Through photographs, through videos, through cards from your guests that you can keep and our personal favourite, through your wedding guest book.

Most guests will give you a wedding card with a few choice words and a congratulatory message, but one single book or a place where you can have messages from all of your loved ones in one place is a beautiful thing. Many of you will buy or choose a guest book to match your theme or colours, and that makes perfect sense, but how about doing something a little different? Let your guests take photos of themselves on a Polaroid camera, get them to write messages on stones which you can place around your home, or get them to leave a permanent message on a piece of furniture you can then have in your home forever.

Our gallery shows you there is so much more to a guest book than just an few blank pages.

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