Wedding Favours: Cute and Original Gift Ideas For Your Guests

Check out these cute and original gift ideas for your guests. Something for all different tastes, budgets and styles.

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With so many choices on offer, choosing wedding favours for your guests can be a difficult and sometimes a very difficult decision to make. You need to ensure that you rightfully thank your guests for their generous gifts and for attending your wedding, but what’s the best gift to give them?


It doesn’t have to be hugely expensive but it does need to reflect your personality as a couple. If one of you is teetotal, then it would seem silly to give your guests mini wine bottles. Likewise if you’ve never been to Paris, why give them mini statues of the Eiffel tower? All you need is to think about these things carefully and a little bit of inspiration. Pretty much anything and everything can be given as a gift, so look to your loves and hobbies for inspiration! Love reading and books? Then how about a personalised book-mark with a thank you message? Or perhaps you’re both keen gardeners, in which case a mini pot plant is the perfect gift for your guests.

In this gallery we want to show you a few more cute and original ideas. Something for all different tastes, budgets and hobbies. Be original and stick to what you love most!

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Wedding Favours: Cute and Original Gift Ideas For Your Guests