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  • Here come the girls! It's time to meet the bridesmaids!

Here come the girls! It's time to meet the bridesmaids!

Here come the girls! It's time to meet the bridesmaids!

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savePhoto: Kagual
Photo: Kagual

Whilst carefully handpicking your bridesmaids, there are a few things you should bear in mind. We all know the significance of being asked to be someone’s bridesmaid, so you must contemplate who will best fit the role. Who will be there to lend a hand when you’re custom making your invitations and going a little stir crazy? Who will accompany you to every dress fitting and make you feel like a princess? Ultimately, you have to ask yourself these questions and determine who you want by your side on one of the best days of your life. We’ve thought about the 5 ladies that might accompany you on your day and make you smile every step of the way.

1.  The Head Girl 

This young lady doubles up as your second mother and you love her for it. She’s your best friend, your karaoke partner, your counsellor and go-to girl.  She will be there holding a plaster when you cut yourself shaving and then hand you a glass of bubbly to calm your nerves. This lady has lived and breathed your wedding so there’s nobody you’d rather have by your side. When you’re bursting for the loo, she’s the one to call because you know she’s the only one willing to hold up your gown. If your wedding was a school prom, she’d be the head girl planning it all.

2. The Moaner 

So you’ve picked the dress and settled on a colour and then this lady comes along and is simply not amused. Let’s face it, there will always be one who’s not satisfied no matter what you propose. The hair is wrong, the flowers are hideous and there is no way on earth that she will be caught dead in those shoes! She smiles in pictures as if she’s got somewhere else to be and when questioned by your grandma about the wedding breakfast, she curses and says it was vile. The truth is, this lady will be a headache from start to finish but you ask her because you’ve known her since she was three and love her more than life itself. People won’t understand why but you two have a bond that nobody could break (although, she implied that green tulle might signal the end of your romance!).

Photo: Oliveromg

3. The Dreamer

Quite simply, she’s your dream bridesmaid. She’s the so-relaxed-she’s-almost-horizontal one and you’re forever thankful. She agrees to wear every dress you pick out for her and quite frankly, she’s the anti moaner. Different to your head girl, she’s not a natural leader but if you need her, she’s there and you know that you can always rely on her. Every bride needs a dreamer to discuss the little details with and hopefully, come up with ideas that will make your day personal and special.

4. The Beauty Queen

This young lady is the stuff of nightmares but she’s one of your oldest friends so you succumb to the fact that quite simply, she’s going to look like a model in all of your wedding pictures. Normally tall and statuesque, she’d look good in a bin bag. All of the best men gaze at her, the Moaner refuses to stand next to her and the chief bridesmaid tips toes around her because she’s so in awe of her beauty. The best bit? She’s a darling and really doesn’t know it.

Photo: Monkey Business Images

5. Your best friend’s sister’s neighbour’s cousin’s friend

You don’t really know her but she’s a constant presence in your life, cropping up at family shin digs and the like. You have to ask her to be a bridesmaid or there will be trouble amongst the crowds. The truth is, after a glass of rosé at the hen do, you have a lot more in common than you’d ever imagined and she turns out to be the friendly fresh face that you needed. She’ll dance with you to Beyoncé and raise a laugh when dress fittings aren’t going to plan.  She’s actually very lovely and when it’s all over, you’ll realise you’ll have to thank your best friend’s sister’s neighbour for introducing you to their cousin and her friend!

Photo: Pressmaster

So ladies, when it comes to deciding who you want as your bridesmaids, remember that variation (and a sense of humour) is the key!


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