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Incredible Wedding Images, that you must try and capture at your 2016 wedding!

Have you heard of photographers using drones, its the new craze and everyone wants them, be the first to organise your for your 2016 wedding.

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One of the things we must consider when planning a wedding is once the amazing day has taken place, what are we left with…the photos that are taken on the day! Whether the photos are taken by guests with cameras left on the tables, a friend with a canon and extensive lens or a professional photographer, they are the memories that you create to look back on for years to come. Therefore, this is a very important decision when considering your photographer, but the most important detail is what photos you want, how you want them and with who.

Each year there are new professionals in the industry and new fashionable ways to have photos taken, from selfies to photo bombing and with the new techniques and options available, the result will only be of what you want and who takes them for you. A new feature that is revolutionising the world of wedding photography is the use of drones, which is new and becoming very popular.

In this gallery we feature photos that were taken from the air with such drone devices that portray a different perspective of the setting and surroundings. The pictures were taken from the air but at a low altitude and they are fun and unique. You can see couples walking on the beach and in the water from a different view. There are also photos of ceremonies seen from the air that took place in beautiful castles, special environments and the all important group shot that is a timeless favourite of the couple with all their guests.

This style of photography really is a new and popular way to create memories of your wedding and we can already see many photographers that offer this service, photos with drones. So, if you want your wedding photos to be the most original and unique then this is a style you want to specify with your photographer.

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