Delicate shots, empathy and emotion: the style of Lisa von Grebmer Photography

The style of Lisa von Grebmer Photography is perfect for a romantic and spontaneous storytelling of your big day that will be able to touch your hearts forever

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Among the essential elements in choosing the ideal photographer for your wedding, there is one that is truly fundamental. What is it? Of course, the photography style! Storytelling, or reportage as it is now known, is certainly one of the favorite photography styles for couples, thanks to its preference for natural and spontaneous shots that capture emotions and crystallize them for eternity. Creating an artistic, romantic, and spontaneous wedding reportage is the task of every skilled wedding photographer, and that’s why we, at Zankyou, want to introduce you to a young artist who can touch the hearts of everyone with her shots.

When you take a photograph, you are not just taking a picture with a camera. You are putting into the photograph all the images you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, and the people you have loved…
Ansel Adams

These are the words and philosophy that have inspired and continue to inspire the work of  Lisa von Grebmer Photography, a young photographer always in search of emotions and moments to capture. Thanks to her unique empathy, this professional photographer is the first person to be moved by the power of a sincere love story and the emotions she is able to evoke. Her heightened sensitivity allows her to capture unique shots, moments that will come together page after page to create an author’s wedding album. Her reportage approach allows her to be a non-intrusive presence during the ceremony, and the result is a collection of candid, natural, and genuine shots.

For this talented photographer getting to know the couple is essential to establish a relationship of trust and complete empathy. That’s why, before every photoshoot, she seeks to understand the character and personality of each couple, in order to provide them with a service that tells their unique story and transforms their wedding album into a collection of unforgettable emotions.

Reportage and spontaneous photography are excellent means to tell the emotions of each wedding in a romantic and natural way. With a wedding album signed by Lisa von Grebmer Photography, you can relive all the beautiful moments of your big day simply by flipping through the pages of your wedding’s photographic story.

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Delicate shots, empathy and emotion: the style of Lisa von Grebmer Photography