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  • Something blue: Wonderful decoration ideas for your 2016 wedding!

Something blue: Wonderful decoration ideas for your 2016 wedding!

Check out our gallery brimming with ideas on how to best include the something blue in your wedding!

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When you’re in fully fledged planning mode and have envisioned your wedding in all it’s glory, it’s time to pay attention to those little details that make your day stand out even more. Once you’ve defined your wedding style, the decor is the most exciting part of planning. To help with this we are throwing the colour blue into the mix, because we simply can’t stop buzzing about it. In fact, this year Serenity Blue was named colour of the year by the experts at Pantone. It’s a tone that conveys cool, calm and collected, and honestly speaking, which bride wouldn’t want to give that impression on her big day? Have a browse through this gallery for inspiration. We’ve gathered tons of ideas on how to include shades of blue in your wedding, from bridesmaid dresses and accessories to cakes.


It’s always been said that brides should wear something blue on their wedding day, so why not push the style stakes and make it the veil? Your tulle veil doesn’t have to be a standard affair, it can add colour and sophistication to your wedding dress. But if this seems a bit of a risky move, try going for blue wedding shoes. There are some truly beautiful shoes in blue which will raise your fashion game and wow all your guests with the innovative way you’ve checked the ‘something blue’ box. In terms of decor, blue is it. Use it in your wedding invitations, as a simple but elegant detail. A blue bridal bouquet will also complete your look by adding texture and shades of blue found in nature. When it comes to decorating the reception, it’s perfect to give an air of peace and tranquility. Use it on tables, chairs and even the seating plan. Centrepieces with candles and a blue tablecloth work like a charm. And if you are really passionate about the colour, you can even serve blue cocktails.

Steal some of these fantastic ideas to make your big day unforgettable! If you’re still in need of some inspiration, check out these top tips on how to incorporate your colour theme into your big day!

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Something blue: Wonderful decoration ideas for your 2016 wedding!