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Cast a romantic glow on your 2016 Wedding table! Top 5 tips on how to use candles to brighten up your centerpieces

Create a soft, warm and romantic decorative glow at your 2016 wedding with these 5 creative ways to feature candles within your wedding table decor!

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There’s just something so romantic and heartwarming about the gentle glow of a candle flame. No matter how they’re used, these pretty points of soft light can make even the barest, blank spaces feel like home. Today we’ve got five inspirational ideas on how to add candles to your wedding tables to help your centerpieces and decor really shine!

1. Add a drama or pop of colour with bold pillar candles

savePhoto: Annie Gozard
Photo: Annie Gozard

Create some grandeur with a ring of white pillar candles around your floral centerpieces. Be sure to space them with care so nothing catches aflame. For a fun, modern look, use pillar candles to add a dash of big, bold color. You can mix them in with your flowers, or work only with the candles for a minimalist look.

2. Go rustic with antique-style lanterns in classic metallic finishes.

saveJFK imagen social
JFK imagen social


What could be finer for your romantic, woodland wedding than some adorable lanterns in pewter, silver or rose gold? Whether you opt for pretty reproductions or choose to feature real antiques, this is a great way to add some old-fashioned flair and charm to your wedding table.

3. Scatter tea lights in dainty votive holders to conjure a dreamy, fairy-like glow.

savePhoto: Sabrina Dupuy
Photo: Sabrina Dupuy

These little candles are sure to perfectly accent your table, without overwhelming any of your other decor elements. If you just want to add a little bit of mood lighting in the form of a gently flickering flame, then tea lights are an excellent choice.

4. Shine a light and use vessels with reflective properties like engraved, colored glass, water, and mirrors.

savePhoto: Javier Berenguer Photography
Photo: Javier Berenguer Fotografía

Technically, glass and water both retract light, while mirrors reflect it. From a scientific point of view this means that a beam of light “bends” from it’s natural path when it travels through glass and water whereas it “bounces back” when it hits a reflective surface like a mirror. Practically speaking however, all three materials will change the original path of the lights from the candles on your table and make them appear to dance as the flames twinkle throughout the night.

5. Feature long tapered candles for traditional sophistication and elegance.

savePhoto: Nina Hintringer
Photo: Nina Hintringer

Classics become classics for a reason and long, lovely candles in exquisite candelabras or stunning silver candlesticks never go out of style! Perhaps the simplest table dressing of all, tapered white candles are a perennial favorite for adding panache to your Wedding centerpieces.


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