How to design, create and make your own 2016 wedding invitations

You are thinking about making your own wedding invitations and time seems to be speeding up, the countdown has begun! We know that making your own wedding invitations seems a little bit daunting, indeed it is the first impression guests receive about your wedding so wedding planner and designer Label’Emotion London gives you their tools to succeed in doing your wedding invitations.

Gather the important information

First of all, make a guest list and get all the contact details for your guests. Think of all the important things that you want and need your guests to know when writing your wedding stationery. Wedding invitations  are typically broken up into three different parts. The save-the-date card that includes an announcement of your wedding, the names of the couple and the date of your wedding.

The wedding invitations ideally should be sent 4 to 5 months in advance of your wedding and include the names of the couple, the names of the venues, date, and time but feel free to add more than the basic information to make it a little bit more personal, and dont forget to include directions, especially if the location is unknown to most of the guests.

The RSVP card, is smaller and is sent with the invitation. It is a way to give your guests the ability to tell you if they are coming, the number of guests, and their preferred dish for the wedding breakfast.

When you write your invitations you can decide to use formal wording like “(couple’s name here) request your presence at their wedding ceremony on…” or a more informal wording like “You’re invited!” it depends on your personality.

DIY wedding invitations Learn more about “DIY wedding invitations ”
DIY wedding invitations

Design your wedding invitations

It is time for you to show your creativity and your personality! Wedding invitations reflect your wedding style so it has to be consistent with your theme and the atmosphere you imagined.

Typically prefer a neutral colour for the cards themselves, then add colour through printing, embellishments, pictures or ribbons, according to your theme. Try to limit your invitation colours to 3 at most.

If you want to stand out from the crowd Chalkboard or Laser cut wedding invitations are examples of trendy and original wedding invitations.

Laser cut invitation card Learn more about “Laser cut invitation card ”
Laser cut invitation card

Choose a great typography and font, that is consistent with your wedding style but also readable! Limit your font choices to 2 at most. It is not unusual to have a wedding invitation with multiple fonts, but using more than two can become overwhelming to the eye. Whatever the image, borders or typography that you choose try to make it simple, elegant and readable it will be more enjoyable to read.

Pick the right paper

Card textures have their importance, from rustic matte, contemporary pearlescent to vintage tapestry styles. Really consider your choice carefully if you decide to have glossy photo paper for your invitations, as this style gets damaged easily. Instead, try using matte photo paper or card stock. Make sure that your paper can be cut to size. If you print your wedding invitations at home, be careful that your printer is compatible with the paper you intend on using and that you have plenty of ink.

Romantic wedding invitationsLearn more about “Romantic wedding invitations”
Romantic wedding invitations

Choose the envelope

Envelopes come in standard sizes, so make sure your invitation will  fit in one before you get too far down the line. The envelope is the first thing people see when they receive your invitation, so consider making it a little bit special with a pearlescent or texture to match the invite.

You now have most of the tools to create your wedding invitations but what you may not have is time or a DIY spirit. Label’Emotion London can do it all for you. From sourcing the right suppliers, to designing and creating your wedding decoration but most importantly for this matter, they offer a full bespoke stationery service from save the date cards to beautifully designed invitations and thank you cards.

With an extensive range of colours and cards, detailing and finishing, they provide excellent quality stationery that can match your wedding theme and make a real statement for your wedding day.

Wedding invitations envelopeLearn more about “Wedding invitations envelope”
Wedding invitations envelope
wedding invitations making session Learn more about “wedding invitations making session ”
wedding invitations making session

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at their work within our directory to see for yourselves, they really do prides themselves on attention to details and the best quality service around.

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