Wow your wedding guests with an original seating plan!

Wow your wedding guests with an original seating plan!

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A seating plan for your wedding isn’t just functional, we also think it can be a true work of art. Whatever your wedding theme or personal hobby, a seating plan, also known as a table plan, can be fun, original and creative.

From photo frames and vintage suitcases to luggage tags and cute birdcages, this is one part of your wedding decor when you can really let your imagination run wild. Old mirrors, vintage furniture, even some old shutters could be buffed up and painted and would look incredible!

Escort cards are a popular wedding tradition in the US, and we love the idea of guests picking up their name on a physical object that could then double as a place name or wedding favour. They don’t have to be expensive and this is a great way to incorporate a DIY element into your big day. Don’t want to spend hundreds, then get drawing… all you need is a nice pen, a saucer to draw around and some colourful sticky tags.

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