Table numbers: Chic details for stylish wedding tables

Table numbers: Chic details for stylish wedding tables

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An important part of any reception decor are the tables and their pretty settings. Seating plans are an important thing too, notifying your guests of their allocated table and where they will be sat, and believe me, everyone looks forward to an exciting and fun seating plan. Table names have been popular at weddings for many years with many couples choosing to name their tables after their favourite cities, hobbies and even the names of their pets, depending on their chosen theme, but many people prefer to keep things simple when it comes to table names and simply give each table a number.

Sounds boring? Not at all! Our fab gallery shows you how to can have beautiful table numbers in a variety of styles and materials. Wooden blocks, picture frames and even gift tags all make incredible table features as numbers. Whether you’re looking to make your own table numbers or splashing out on some creative decor, we think these table numbers are elegant and fun.

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