Best Bridal Bouquets- the 2016 trends

  • Credits: In Deco
  • Crediys: Sweet Pea Flowers
  • Credits: Amanda Austin
  • Credits: Event & Floral design by Dora Kavoc
  • Credits: Mcqueens Flowers
  • Credits: Phillipa Craddock
  • Credits: Laura San José
    • Credits: Polina Geraskina
    • Credits: Andrey Duhopelnikov
    • Credits: Verde Pimienta
    • Credits: Anton Blokhin
    • Credits: Brumalis
    • Credits: Elena Fleutiaux Photographie
    • Credits: Francisco Merino
    • Credits: Irina Gamova
    • Credits: Kiwo
    • Credits: Mar de Flores
    • Credits: Momenta Bodas
    • Credits: Mona Dreams
    • Credits: Mónica Carrera
    • Credits: Anastasia Chemiseva
    • Credits: Sally L. Hambleton
    • Credits: Sally L. Hambleton
    • Credits: Sally L. Hambleton
    • Credits: Verde Pimienta
    • Credits: Verde Pimienta
    • Credits: Verde Pimienta
    • Credits: Volvoreta Bodas
    • Credits: Volvoreta Bodas
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It´s all about the details on your special day, and that includes your all important bouquet! Flowers really have their own language and your bridal bouquet is a great way for you to add those personal touches. Whether you choose a red Tulip to signify a declaration of love or a Daffodil to represent new beginnings, choosing your flowers can really add those special details to your special day!

Forget a picture says a thousand words, we’re talking with flowers! And these gorgeous bridal bouquets are all the rage for your 2o16 wedding!

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