Inmaculada García's latest wedding dress collection for 2016

Establishing herself in the competitive world of bridal design, this Spanish designer knows how to fuse haute couture with street style and create gorgeous modern wedding dresses.

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One of the biggest challenges for wedding dress designers is bringing their own distinctive style to the iconic white dress without losing the essence of the bride. Inspired from street fashion and the latest haute couture trends, Inmaculada García style is a fusion of elements, in which the modern bride is well represented.

saveElla by Inmaculada García
Ella by Inmaculada García

This year, the designer wanted to bring some significant changes to her collection, saying ‘we have to break with the catwalks and bring fashion back to the buyer!’ The 2016 Bridal CollectionGolden Sunshine” abandons stuffy layers and puts the spotlight on the delicacy and purity of materials, presenting a more refined and elegant bride. We can see the influence of California, the Golden State in the collection – the golden touches like the sunlight reflecting in the morning off the Pacific or the sunset catching the glass windows of the city.

saveAvery by Inmaculada García
Avery by Inmaculada García
saveMia by Inmaculada García
Mia by Inmaculada García

The collection surprises us with wedding dresses that convey on one hand a more demure look and on the other a bold modernism in a perfect blend of classicism and sensuality.

saveChloe by Inmaculada García
Chloe by Inmaculada García
saveRoe by Inmaculada García
Roe by Inmaculada García

For the more sensual line in her new collection, Inmaculada García deliberately chose lightweight fabrics like organza and tulle so that she could play with big bold shapes, but also weighed the fabrics down with pearls and jewels. The other line is ‘night to the day’ of the romantic wedding dresses, and offers more structured, elegant options, embellished with pleated silks, chantilly, damask fabrics and transparent features.

saveRosse by Inmaculada García
Rosse by Inmaculada García
saveLexi by Inmaculada García
Lexi by Inmaculada García

“I have always chosen innovative designs for wedding dresses,” says the designer. Her passion for fashion blossomed at an early age and in 1995 Inmaculada García opened her own boutique, after a few years the designer really started focusing on bridal designs when her customers continued to ask her to design custom wedding dresses. It’s this experience in fashion and custom design that makes the designer’s eponymous label both wearable and unique.

saveEsme by Inmaculada García
Esme by Inmaculada García
saveHarper by Inmaculada García
Harper by Inmaculada García

Inmaculada García opened her flagship store in Barcelona in 2007 and has been setting the standard for artisanal production ever since. Teamwork is essential for the brand, including the bride who will ultimately wear the wedding dress – the team thinks of what that modern bride will want from the first to the final stages of wedding dress design.

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