Ceiling Decoration Inspiration To Make Your Wedding Unique

If you're looking to jazz up your venue, then look no further. Here are 20 inspiring ideas for ceiling decoration that will really impress your guests.

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If you’re immersed in planning the decoration for your wedding, and really want to make a difference to an otherwise plain venue, then don’t miss this gallery. Among our selection you will find more than twenty ideas for the decoration of ceilings. You can make any space a unique and enchanting setting for your celebration with these designs.


One of the most striking techniques is decorating ceilings with foliage and flowers of all kinds. Dare to be different and leave the usual decorations behind with a breakthrough style. You can choose to hang thousands of flowers and ferns from the lamps for a very natural touch, perfect for a secret garden or rustic chic theme. If you’re not very fond of flowers, discover other ideas such as giant balloons filled with helium. Fabrics and drapes of different colours, bouquets, garlands … and many more options to really impress your awe-inspired guests.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look through this gallery of ceiling decoration ideas and choose the style that best suits your chosen venue for a really magical look.

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Ceiling Decoration Inspiration To Make Your Wedding Unique