Decoration Inspiration: 23 Rustic Wedding Styles For A Modern Wedding

Choose the perfect decoration for your outdoor wedding. Discover the best ideas for rustic-chic wedding decoration. You will be inspired!

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Wedding decoration has always been something that couples prioritise in the wedding planning process. There are thousands of styles and details with which to decorate such a special day, especially when it comes to outdoor wedding decoration. In this gallery we show you some ideas and inspiration to decorate your wedding with a rustic chic style.

In most cases with this style of decor, the couple has chosen a farm, authentic barn or another countryside wedding venue. A natural, rural environment is magnificent when paired with this type of decoration. In rustic weddings, wood is very present, in all corners of the room, be it casks, stairs, tables, chairs, windows and old doors, auxiliary furniture to make a beautiful seating plan, even as table centrepieces or cake stands. A vintage and worn touch that adds a sense of DIY creativity and a natural or fresh aesthetic.

Don’t miss all these rustic-chic ideas and celebrate your wedding in a unique environment with the best possible decoration. Discover the rustic wedding decoration trends, full of extraordinary details.

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