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Our Top 5 Favourite First Dances of 2015: You Don't Want to Miss These!

Our top 5 favourite first dances from 2015. Have a look and get some inspiration for your wedding!

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2015 has been an exciting year in the world of weddings! We have seen fabulous fashion trends with stunning illusion necklines, voluminous skirts and elegant long sleeved dresses. With the delicate and beautiful new Pantone colour Rose Quartz set to be a big hit in 2016, it looks like we are in for a treat next year too!

Another hot trend in 2015 has been spectacular first dances from couples all around the world. From surprise dances from bridesmaids and groomsmen, to perfectly planned routines form the couples themselves. We’ve picked our top 5, so have a look and get planning for your 2016 wedding!

5. Nicole y Ryan

Vídeo: JKS Productions Youtube

This dreamy dance routine is what many couples aspire to have. Months of preparation finally paid off, and with the help of a very special guest they blew their family and friends away! Have a look, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Something that is very achievable for any couple on their wedding day!

4.Devon & Nicole

Vídeo: Devon Perri Youtube.

Devon, a professional dancer accompanied by his wife Nicole took the opportunity to perform a lively and fun routine that charmed their guests. The song chosen for their fabulous first dance, was none other than “Sugar” by Maroon 5  which earlier in the year became a top hit with a music video featuring the band making surprise appearances at weddings!

3. Karley & Ryan

Vídeo: Karley Hall Youtube – Boffo Videos

What started as speech from the father, quickly turned into an amazing dance routine that surprised all! The groom and groomsmen performed an amazing and entertaining routine to several songs like “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears. Months of hard work and dedication finally paid off, which is evident in the surprised face of the bride!

2. Valerie & Kirk

Vídeo: Ginger Topham – Chic Wedding day films

When two professional dancers wed, one would expect a fantastic first dance routine, but this one surprised even the bride! This groom and his groomsmen planned and perfected a spectacular dance with an modern musical mix. The dance lasts a whopping 8 minutes, in which you can see highly skilled choreography and various props. Check out this video for some top wedding inspiration!

1. Justin & Jill Sipkins

Vídeo: Justin Willman Youtube

At number 1 our favourite has to be the magical first dance of Justin and Jill.  Guests knew they would be in for a treat at this wonderful wedding, but professional magician Justin, still managed stun everyone! The performance reaches the spectacular moment as the couple dance to “I put a spell on you” by Jay Hawkins. Jill managed to impress the guests, when she levitated her husband as if it was a spell! Make sure you watch this one right to the end, it will definitely blow you away!

Need some more inspiration for choosing the perfect song for your first dance? We’ve got it sorted!

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