The best first dance songs for your 2016 wedding!

Ten of the best songs to help you find the perfect tune for your first dance!

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The search for your perfect first dance song ends here. It’s nerve wracking enough having to dance in front of all your family and friends, so we completely get the whole dilemma of wanting to be original, not too cheesy yet still keeping it romantic after all you are starting off the soundtrack to your married life. From some good old time classics to the coolest modern hits, with a few alternative tunes thrown in, we’ve got something to help you grace the dance floor in style and create one of the most memorable moments of your day.

This beautiful passionate ballad is a classic in the making. With sentimental lyrics that will capture hearts, this song will have you caught in the moment, and you’ll want to stay there forever.

For those of you that want their first dance to be a slow one, how about this timeless classic? Nothing further need be said.

An upbeat, sweet and folksy song that hits all the right notes with lyrics fitting for the occasion.

This one is a real tearjerker so hankies at the ready! Maybe it’s not that original, but everyone’s love for this tune endures. You are sure to hear it again, and every time you do you’ll be taken back to the magic of your first dance and reminded of that blissful feeling. We wouldn’t be surprised if people are singing this even after the party is over! If the originality of it does concern you there are a number of brilliant covers you should consider.

A truly beautiful love song, with rich instrumentation and honey like vocals, this track will evoke a sense of the epic and eternal nature of your love for each other.

For those of you who plan on showing off some fancy footwork, the dreamy start to this song quickly transforms into a quirky upbeat groove sure to get everyone clapping along and wanting to hit the dance floor with you.

If it’s tears of joy you are aiming for this beautiful song will not disappoint. Totally moving, with a whisper of romance, the sombre piano gradually builds to a heartwarming crescendo, reflecting the journey you have made to get to this point.

If you want to dance to something slightly more up tempo, this might be the one to choose. The lyrics to this indie pop track will tell the world you know you’ve found the one, and is set to a kooky staccato beat fit for the kind of first dance that proclaims your joy and makes everyone’s face light up with a smile.

A soulful classic that can’t be accused of being overused, this song is about declaring your love plain and simple. Go for this if you plan on having the kind of dance that says the same. Swoon.

For those averse to anything approaching cheesy or saccharine, the authenticity of Mick Jagger’s drawling vocals really hit the spot, conveying a more melancholic sense of longing. After all, you’ve found the one wild horses couldn’t drag you away from.

Once you’ve picked a beat that you want to dance to, all that’s left is to enjoy getting your dance routine together ready for the big day.


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