Gorgeous long sleeve wedding dresses for those cold winter months!

So Starbucks have brought in their Christmas drinks therefore it´s safe to say that the summer months are officially over and winter is well and truly here– bringing with it increasingly chilly weather. Although long sleeve gowns are are for a gorgeous look all year round, they definitely have their moment to shine this time of year and we are absolutely loving them! Getting married in the long winter months does not mean for one second that you have to compromise on style! More and more we are seeing brides opting for the long-sleeve wedding dresses and it´s easy to see why! Move over, strapless and halter neck styles- it´s all about the long sleeves!

Andrea HawkesLearn more about “Andrea Hawkes”
Andrea Hawkes

The great thing about a long sleeved dress is that there are so many different styles to choose from. Don´t believe us? Check them out!

Guipure Lace

We´re seeing Guipure lace in all sorts of different forms at the moment! Whether the detailing is more thickly woven, or light and delicate, if lace is your thing, a long sleeved dress is the perfect choice to be able to get different styles and types incorporated into your gown!

Vera Wang, Photography Credits: Clary Pfeiffer Photo: Knotsvilla
Vera Wang, Photography Credits: Clary Pfeiffer
Photo: Knotsvilla
Photography Credits: Cake
Photography Credits: Cake
Foto y vestido: Pronovias
Caroline CastiglianoLearn more about “Caroline Castigliano”
Caroline Castigliano, Passion Collection

Classic lace

Who doesn´t love the classic look of lace? Choose from, bat sleeves, bell sleeves, straight, long, three quarter lenght, crépe… there are so many different styles and options that there´s bound to be one for every bride! (Or two… maybe three) Despite so many choices, you can guarantee they all have one thing in common: elegance.

Naomi NeohLearn more about “Naomi Neoh”
Naomi Neoh
Alan HannahLearn more about “Alan Hannah”
Alan Hannah
Foto: YolanCris
Caroline CastiglianoLearn more about “Caroline Castigliano”
Caroline Castigliano, Opera Collection


Tulle sleeves are a great idea for combining lace with other details such as appliqué flowers, beading or sequins!  Silk tulle is the perfect option for an elegant and feminine look.

Foto y vestido: YolanCris
Foto y vestido: Rosa Clará
Rosa Clará
Pallas Couture
Pallas Couture
Ellis BridalsLearn more about “Ellis Bridals”
Ellis Bridals, 18019

Long, long sleeves

This type of sleeve isn´t seen quite as much, but we love them! They´re beautiful and airy giving a gorgeous ethereal look and are definitely unique!

Foto: Helena Mareque
Photography Credits: Helena Mareque
Colour Nude

And there you have it! Perhaps long sleeved dresses wasn´t your first idea, but they´re a gorgeous alternative to the more classic necklines, and are just as every bit elegant and sophisticated!

Find more Long Sleeved dresses inspiration, or take a look at our Top Pick of British Wedding Dress Designers!

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