A new wedding tradition: Bou-cats instead of bouquets!!

Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats

As a nation, we’re obsessed with cats. Cat videos, cat t-shirts, even cat cafes! Well our obsession has reached an all time low, with a new trend from brides in the US that are choosing to throw their pet moggie to their single ladies instead of their bridal bouquet! Say what?!

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve heard of animal loving couples that choose to have their wedding on a farm or even couples that have their dogs with them on their big day (apparently they make great ring bearers), but this really is something else!

Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats

Brides are going all out with their cat themed wedding, if there is such a thing – and taking their beloved feline friends along to their wedding reception and rather than the old fashioned tradition of tossing a bridal bouquet into a crowd of screaming single ladies, they throw their cats! The lucky girl to catch said cat is not only the next one to marry but also gets to keep the kitty… bizarre! What ever happened to traditional wedding favours?

Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats
Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats

When questioned, the brides insisted that it wasn’t cruel or harming in any way to the cats, in fact one bride said “Whiskers loves it, we practiced at home for weeks before the actual big day”. We never thought we’d see the day that house cats rather than lions would be part of a circus!

Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats
Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats
Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcat
Photo via Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats

What do you think? Are you a cat lover and think this could catch on in the UK? What next?! Hamsters and pet rabbits being thrown? To us traditional Brits, it’s all a little strange, and quite mean if we’re being honest. We think it’s best to stick to throwing your pretty floral bouquets… that way, you don’t need to worry about guests with allergies… unless they have hayfever.


Did you really believe that brides could be so mean?! We’ve heard of Bridezillas but we’ve never come across a bride this cruel! Our story was of course a fake and was published with the intention of good humour and a bit of fun. Brides are not, we repeat NOT starting a new trend of throwing cats, in the US or anywhere else. It is NOT OK to throw your cat or any other type of animal and we’d never publish such a story should it be true. We hope we managed to fool you and make you smile. We promise no cats were harmed in the creation of this article.

All images courtesy of: Facebook.com/bridesthrowingcats

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