The perfect Spring bridal bouquet: Fill your wedding day with colour!

Everything has its season, and flowers are one of those things that nature changes throughout the year. Check out our fave bridal bouquets perfect for your Spring Wedding!

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Everything has its season, and flowers are one of those things that nature changes throughout the year. Flowers have now left the bleak winter behind them and bring with them a freshness and vibrancy that we all look forward to, and weddings are definitely an extension of this. When a bride chooses the perfect wedding dress, it needs certain finishing touches and accessories to really make it come alive, and jewellery and hairpieces aside, it’s the bride’s bouquet that does this in the most beautiful way. If you’re planning a Spring or Summer wedding, and you’re unsure as to which flowers to choose, we want to show you some wonderful and colourful ideas. Beautiful bouquets made up of natural and vibrant flowers that will take your whole bridal look to another level.

This season is all about colour. Not just in clothing and accessories but flowers too. We’ve left the wintery and autumnal tones behind and we’re now looking at delicate flowers such as daises, a simple yet very elegant and joyful flower that works well with any style. Roses are another classic staple for this time of year, and are still the most popular type of flower for a bridal bouquet. A flower that has been increasingly en-trend for weddings, and one of our personal favourites are peonies. Very similar to a rose, but generally larger and with more petals, and they come in the prettiest of pastel tones.

Whatever your favourite type of flower or whatever bridal theme and style you’re going for, we’ve got something for all of you! It’s not just traditional flowers either, we’ve got a selection of wild flowers and succulents to show you too, a very popular choice for bouquets all year round.

Have a look at our colourful and inspirational gallery and let yourself be carried away by what mother nature has for us this Spring!

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