What does a wedding planner do and how can they help me with my 2016 Wedding?

What does a real professional wedding planner do and how can they help you, have a look at some of Londons TOP selected Wedding Planners to explain the work involved in assisting you with one of the most special days in your life.

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Wow, reading all the wedding posts, looking at the numerous wedding websites, thinking of all the details, big and little that need to be considered…you start wondering, where on earth do I start!!??


But, you don’t want to show face, you want to absorb and thoroughly enjoy every last planning and organising minute of your wedding. Yet, the last thing you want or need is your mum or ‘mum to be’ interfering and suffocating you with opinions, advices and the all famous ‘when I got married’ comment, because after all, we know that that was a while ago!

So, what do you do…..well you simply hire a wedding planner, a professional assistant that knows and understands every single last teeny weeny detail of what needs to be done, how, why and in the most cost and time efficient way to guarantee the best wedding ever.

It is understandable that for some this seems like an additional cost because you are unsure as to what a wedding planner does, so contracting them for their services seems almost as something ‘extra’ to consider in the budget and just does not seem justifiable. However we all know ‘time is money and money is time’ and realistically how much spare time can you afford!? When you are not working, you are trying to have a social life (trying dresses on) or sleeping, leaving you little time to ”squeeze in” the wedding planning, but are you really going to be the best and most focussed after all your other responsibilities and do you want to just ‘squeeze in’ the planning….no!

So let the experienced professionals assist you, here we introduce you to a list of trusted, experienced and professional Wedding Planners to give you an idea about the variety of services offered. Always be sure to have an idea of what you do and most importantly do not want and a good Wedding Planner will plan your wedding your way. There will be advice given and suggestions made but at no point will they tell you what to do or how to have your wedding, they will however guarantee a perfect stress free day that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Cranberry Blue

Cranberry BlueLearn more about “Cranberry Blue”
Cranberry Blue

Cranberry Blue Wedding Planners maintains a strong passion for creating and delivering stunning events. Priding themselves on the highest of standards, never missing a detail and offering an approachable solution to all couples. They only commit to a certain number of weddings each and every year to ensure the utmost focus and attention is offered to each individual couple.

Stylish Events

Stylish EventsLearn more about “Stylish Events”
Stylish Events

With more than 10 years experience within the wedding and events industry, project managing and running weddings all over the world, in different countries with a variety of cultures, Stylish events offers knowledge, experience and professionalism that they apply to each and every individual event that they plan and organise. They have a knack in managing every situation calmly and determining the perfect outcome, that is without a doubt just one of their qualities.

Pocketful of Dreams

Pocketful of DreamsLearn more about “Pocketful of Dreams”
Pocketful of Dreams

If you are searching for a bespoke and personally organised wedding then Pocketful of Dreams offers exactly that, focusing on attention to detail and introducing and presenting the most original and unique ideas full of trends and inspirational themes. With Pocketful of Dreams they focus on the whole wedding party, ensuring an unforgettable experience for your guests and a captivating day for the couple.

Label’ Emotion

Label' EmotionLearn more about “Label' Emotion”
Label’ Emotion

Offering so much more than what you think you are looking for, Label’ Emotion are the first agency to offer an international network and franchise within the wedding industry and so if you are looking for a little destination inspiration from professionals with both the experience and reliable contacts than they are the wedding planners for you. You will work with professionals who will advise and support you from the moment you say ‘I do.’


Niemierko Wedding PlannersLearn more about “Niemierko Wedding Planners”
Niemierko Wedding Planners

Looking to share and recreate your love story, then tell Niemierko all about it. There passion and personalisation for each wedding they plan and organise shines through right from the initial consultation until your very special day. They are big believers of love and want to know and understand the history of your love story to be able to compliment and incorporate every little important detail into your wedding day, ensuring it is unforgettable and unique.

Collection 26

Collection 26Learn more about “Collection 26”
Collection 26

Collection 26 understand the stress and strain that can come from organising a wedding, which is why their gentle understanding approach compliments a couples fears and worries. With these wedding planners you can be sure to feel as though your bestfriend is organising your wedding, they listen and understand with meticulous attention to detail exactly what you want and how you want it.

My London Wedding Planner

My London Wedding PlannerLearn more about “My London Wedding Planner”
My London Wedding Planner

My London Wedding Planner has a wealth of experience from every aspect, meaning they understand exactly what you are asking of them. Having worked in the industry for numerous years, gaining both professional and personal experience, securing the most prestigious contacts to assist in the participation of your wedding day, your wedding day is just if not more important to them as it is you.

Planned for Perfection

Planned for PerfectionLearn more about “Planned for Perfection”
Planned for Perfection
Planned for Perfection continually exceeds the  expectations of couples by creating, styling and managing truly beautiful weddings. With years of invaluable experience, your wedding day is designed to reflect your individual style and unique ideas by creating a wedding planning service tailored to suit your desired requirements. You can be sure that with this professional team by your side, wherever you are in the world, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable wedding day that is every minute, quite literally Planned for Perfection.

Snapdragon London

SnapdragonLearn more about “Snapdragon”

Couples quite rightly demand elegant, fun and stylish weddings that are flawlessly delivered when getting married.. They want and expect to come first as though they are the only couple getting married that year. No matter how complex the requirements, Snapdragon are the wedding planners of choice for those savvy sophisticated couples who require a first class service and a dream wedding day that they can enjoy and look back on fondly forever.

Well, all we will say is that being a Wedding Planner is a profession it is not something that has been fashioned from the films or a part time hobby to take on board, it really is a skilled and knowledgeable role. The experience necessary to be able to work as and call yourself a Wedding Planner is immense. Thinking as a bride and not a professional, who would you trust every little detail with, for one of the most specialist days of your lives?

Now you have been able to read through some of the professionals we work with and the services that they offer, because they are all different, with different styles and totally dependant upon your requirements, you can peruse their individual companies and decide who is going to be the best, most professional time and money saver for you, your own personal wedding assistant.

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